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Copper Gift Guide: Best Copper Gifts That Keep Giving

Are you shopping for holiday gifts and getting ready for the jolly season? If you are planning to give the gift of copper this year, this copper gift guide has the best copper gifts for everyone in your life!

With our raw materials in short supply and production at our shop being tight, our holiday inventory will be limited. So, if you want to avoid disappointment and delays this Christmas, make sure you put in your orders for your holiday gifts right now.

Need a little help choosing your gifts? This holiday copper gift guide has some copper products that are unique to this year, as well as old-time favorites that are continually our bestsellers year after year. 

So, let's dive in to our selection of hand hammered copper cookware, drinkware and barware that make great gifts for all the people in your life.

P.S. If you are not sorted out with Thanksgiving yet, these copper gift ideas for Thanksgiving will definitely help you out.

P.P.S. Please note that all of the products featured in this gift guide are subject to availability, so please act fast and get your orders in early.

Best Copper Drinkware Holiday Gifts For 2021

Looking for the best copper drinkware gifts with us? When it comes to giving the gift of health, below are some of our top recommendations!

1. Sertodo Copper Water Filter System

Our newest Sertodo Copper Water Filter System is the ultimate holiday gift that is suitable for any kind of family or individual.

Combining our 100% recycled copper with the high quality Cerametrix gravity filters, you can be sure of safe, healthy drinking water when you use our water filter system.

If you're after a holiday gift that keeps giving, choose our Sertodo Copper Water Filter System! It is also a gift that is up to date and relevant to our current public health situation, which makes this product top of the wish list for most.


Copper Gift Guide: Sertodo Copper Water Filter System


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2. Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher

If you're looking for a multi-purpose copper gift, our Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher is definitely a top pick. With its elegant shape and beautiful hammered body, the Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher can instantly spice up any tabletop or holiday dining table. 

Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher

Alternatively, you can also use it as it is originally intended as a water pitcher, or use it to display beautiful flowers.

All in all, this is a great option for those who love the warmth of copper and just appreciates all things copper in general. 

3. Apa Copper Cup

Our Apa Copper Cup is a great intro gift for those who are starting their very own Sertodo Copper collection. As this is a customizable copper drinkware, it also makes a great graduation and 7th anniversary gift.

Either way, gifting this for the holiday season is perfect for anyone who loves and enjoys a beautifully crafted copper cup.


Copper gift guide: Handmade Copper Apa Cup


4. Copper Ayurveda Water Set

Lastly, if you're searching for a copper drinkware gift set, look no further than our Copper Ayurveda Set. As it comes with a mantra bell, our Copper Ayurveda Water Set will definitely be appreciated by anyone who practices mindfulness in their lives.

Shop our hand hammered Copper Ayurveda Set here while stocks last.

Copper ayurveda water set

Best Copper Barware Holiday Gifts For 2021

Know a martini, cocktail or spirit lover in your life or two?

If you're searching for a thoughtful barware gift, our heavy gauge copper bar tools are the most reliable home bar accessories you could give!

As all of our copper barware are hand hammered and made from 100% recycled copper, they also make great sustainable and eco-friendly gifts. You can also check out these 5 copper bar cart essentials for more barware holiday gift ideas. 

5. Copper Moscow Mule Gift Set

This is a gorgeous gift set that is ready to go, and perfect for the holidays. Our Copper Moscow Mule Gift Set is also perfect as a gift for a couple, or for a bar enthusiast. 

Beautiful copper moscow mule gift set

As this gift set comes in our handsome Sertodo anniversary gift box, all you have to do is add some personalization by requesting custom engraving at checkout and you're good to go!

6. Sertodo Scoop

If you know someone who is proud of their bar cart or home bar, our Sertodo Scoop will make a great gift! That way he or she can instantly use it for their holiday entertaining and enjoy the glow of copper every single day.

As all of our copper products are heavy gauge and last for a lifetime, the Sertodo Scoop is also a great gift for bartenders, or those who mix drinks for a living.

Sertodo copper scoop for home bars or professional bartenders


7. Copper Iced Tea Cup


Another one of our favorite copper drinkware is our Copper Iced Tea Cup! Apart from the fact that these copper cups fit really good in the hand, these hand hammered copper drinkware are also uniquely stylish.

Made for you to enjoy your iced tea, water or any cool spirit of your choice, these tall and slender Copper Iced Tea Cups make a great holiday gift for anyone on your Christmas list. 

Choose text or monogram engraving for these hand hammered copper cups if you want to personalize this gift.


Copper Iced Tea Cup holiday gift



More copper barware gift ideas: 5 Best copper flasks for flask cocktail enthusiasts

Best Copper Kitchen Holiday Gifts For 2021

Our copper kitchen goods range from kitchen sets, pots and pans to specialty cookware. If you are not sure where to start, check out these top picks from our copper cookware collection. 

8. KitchenAid Professional Mixers Copper Mixing Bowl(600 series or 6500 series)

Looking for the perfect gift for an amazing baker in your life? Look no further than our 6 quart Copper Mixing Bowl for the 600 series and 6500 series KitchenAid Professional Mixers! 

KitchenAid Professional Copper Mixing Bowls

You might be asking: why use copper as mixing bowls for baking?

Well, first of all, copper is an inherently clean material with many natural properties that are good for your health.

More importantly, copper has the added culinary benefit of giving you smooth creamy mashed potatoes, as well as whipping up stable peaks of meringue. 

So, if you're getting a gift for an avid entertainer, baker or a professional caterer, this is one of the best copper kitchen gifts you could give!

9. Permian Copper Jam Pans

Our handmade Permian Copper Jam Pans are truly the versatile copper cookware for holiday entertaining. 

Perfect for making jams, gratins, polenta, caramel and a wide range of confections, your holiday cooking will be effortless with the even heat distribution of our Permian Copper Jam Pans.

Our customers have been loving our Permian Copper Jam Pans, as it is not only beautiful to behold, it is also a functional piece of cookware you will keep in your family for generations.

Available in 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch, you can take a closer look at these pure copper jam pans right here. 

Permian copper jam pans

10. Copper Stock Pots

If you're looking for the ultimate gift for someone who regularly hosts big holiday gatherings, the Copper Stock Pots are your safest bet! Not only are these big, beautiful copper stock pots perfect for the holiday season, it is also a great cookware for delicious broth and soups.

This chicken and champagne recipe by Amy Mings of Maison de Mings is a perfect example of holiday cooking with our copper stock pots. 

Copper stock pots


Shop our handcrafted Copper Stock Pots here for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.

11. Alicante Copper Paella Pan

Know a huge paella fan? We have combined the unsurpassed quality of traditional craft with the beauty of modern design in our Alicante Copper Paella Pan

The 2mm thick, ergonomic hand hammered copper pan is the perfect match to add flavor and flair to your intimate paella (2-4 people), omelets, crepes, vegetables, bacon, anything really.

Our Alicante Copper Paella Pan is definitely a great holiday gift for those who are obsessed with paellas, or love cooking delicious foods for intimate gatherings and parties.

Now available in 6 sizes, from 6 inch to 18 inch, our Alicante Copper Paella Pan features a hot-tinned interior for professional cooking performance or dazzling displays.

Multifunctional, ergonomic alicante paella pan

Best Copper Holiday Entertaining Gifts

The holiday season means family gatherings, as well as traditional foods that are only cooked and served during Christmas. From our holiday edition copper mugs, to bowls and platters for holiday entertaining, you can be sure of finding a suitable gift for your friends and family.

12. 2020 Holiday Copper Collection

Our special 2020 holiday copper collection is a definitely still relevant in 2021, as the "Peace on Earth" engraving is a great message for these turbulent times!

You can shop our holiday cookie plate, bottle coasters and copper cup coasters from our holiday collection here.

Our 2020 holiday eggnog mug also makes a great holiday-themed gift for friends, colleagues, family members and beyond!

holiday eggnog mug

13. Copper Salsita Bowl

Don't be mistaken that our hand hammered Copper Salsita Bowl is only good for presenting seafood-in fact, it's perfect for any presentation. That is why gifting this for an avid host or hostess is a great choice, as it is definitely a versatile entertaining accessory for any occasion.

These 5 other hammered copper bowls are also great for entertaining, so you can also consider these as great holiday gifts. 

Copper salsita bowl

14. Sertodo Gift Card

Sertodo Gift Voucher


Finally, if you want a stress-free gift option for a copper lover in your life, choose our Sertodo Gift Card! With our holiday inventory in short supply, this gift card provides more flexibility to the gift recipient as they can shop from items that are available and in stock anytime. 

Simply choose from denominations of $50 to $400 and we will do all the work for you!

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