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5 Best Handmade Copper Tableware For Any Occasion

Want to add some bling and timeless elegance to your tables whenever you entertain? Whether it is just a simple family gathering or a Mother's Day brunch, our heirloom quality handmade copper tableware is the best for long-term use!

If you're looking for copper trays, platters and bowls that dazzle every single time, our Copper Tableware has a wide selection for you to choose from.

Best Handmade Copper Tableware For Any Type Of Gathering, Party, Or Entertaining Event

Are you a versatile entertainer who loves throwing parties, family gatherings and entertaining events for your friends? With our sleek, stylish and elegant copper tableware, you will be able to host and entertain effortlessly within minutes!

All you have to do is give your Sertodo copper goods the proper care it needs and let the copper do all the talking.

1. Flat Earth Copper Bowl

Easily serve up snacks and appetizers with pride when you use our Flat Earth Copper Bowl.


Have guests coming over for a party within an hour? No problem! Bring out your Flat Earth Copper Bowl from your kitchen and get started by serving up your appetizers. Add this handmade copper tableware to any flat surface and the atmosphere instantly improves!

Not only will your food look well presented, your guests will also be extremely flattered that you went through all that trouble of adding some copper warmth to the table.

2. Copper Salsita Bowl

Salsita copper bowl for entertaining
Need something fancy to serve up prawn cocktails? When you serve it up with our Copper Salsita Bowl, you can be sure of the prawn cocktails disappearing into your guests' belly in no time!
Don't be mistaken that our hand hammered Copper Salsita Bowlis only good for presenting seafood-in fact, it's perfect for any presentation. Whether you use it to present garnish, sauces, salsa, fruit salad or condiments, this infinitely functional and elegant handmade copper tableware will definitely serve you well for years to come.


3. Copper Thessaly Square Platter

thessaly oval platters
The next on our list is our Copper Thessaly Square Platter which is truly the best handmade copper tableware you can own. Perfect for presentation of drinks, tea, or even your famous mimosas, you can also use them as wall decoration should you please.
Your guests are sure to bask in the glow of this copper square platter and begin to feel jealous of you for possessing this flattering work of art!

4. Nile Cradle Oval Copper Ice Bucket


Use it as your table centerpiece or serve perfectly chilled drinks to your guests, our Nile Cradle Oval Copper Ice Bucket is truly the most versatile copper tableware in our collection. 

Unlike most hand hammered copper ice buckets out there, our Nile Cradle Oval Copper Ice Bucket is seamlessly constructed from one piece of copper. You will not have to deal with leakages when you invest in this handmade copper tableware.

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5. Napa Copper Bottle Coasters

Having a party with alcoholic beverage? Protect your tables with our elegant and functional Napa Copper Bottle Coasters!

These handmade copper tableware are not only great for your wine bottles, they also go perfectly well with our copper water pitchers, flower vases and as the base your fragrant candles. When you're not entertaining, these handmade copper bottle coasters are also great to hold your keys and vanities. 

Bisotun copper water pitcher

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