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Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

Robot lines and hand-hammered copper, a 21st century love story.

Want to make your copper more personal? We can engrave a number of our items using a state-of-art CNC machine. Our CNC engraver compliments the traditional handcrafted Sertodo Copper goods with a stunning, holographic effect. The industrial diamond tipped engraving blade cuts a beveled line into the metal that catches and throws the light similar to a hologram which makes your engraving stand out and last at least as long as you will.


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Customization Options

Customized Copper Engraving Process

Customization Details

Size & Placement

We typically place the engraving center, just up from center, and the size is proportionate to the piece. We have a limit on characters and lines for a text that is 140 characters and 3 lines. Please note, longer text will require us to reduce the size of the text to accommodate all text fitting on the piece. This is especially true for all-round items, such as cups and pitchers. The smaller the piece - the smaller the engraving. If you have a lot of text on a small item, such as the shot cup, it can all fit, but it will be a Gettysburg address on the head of a pin scenario. Our machine can engrave precisely to within 1/1000th of an inch.

Engraving Time

Please allow for 7-10 days from the date oforder for us to engrave your items. Expedited engraving is possible for an additional fee.