The Espadín Flask Collection

Hand-made hammered copper flask
Sertodo hammered copper stamp
Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, Jigger, Tray, and Shaker
Hammered Copper Mint Julep Cup

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Copper Water Every Day, The Ayurvedic Way: Intention, Medium, Litmus, and Shine

It would be great to now reveal the many ascetic years I spent high in the Himalayas at the source of the Ganges river, pouring over ancient Ayurvedic texts on papyrus scrolls by day, and chanting in meditation with yogis throughout the nights, until one fine day I was zapped with esoteric enlightenment into all the mysteries of our mortal bodies as I knelt down beneath the immense Gangotri gla…

Fernando's Paella

Here's an authentic recipe from one of our clients in Ojai, California, a place known to produce some of the world's finest fruits and vegetables. Being only 30 minutes from the ocean, it's a perfect Paella storm! Fernando's recipe reminds me of one of the main ingredients in all of my grandfather's recipes, several glasses of booze for the chef while cooking!: Hi Jonathan, this is Fernando,…