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Sustainable Copper Cookware For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Unlike most modern cookware, our sustainable Copper Cookware collection lasts you and your family for decades and generation to come. Not only are our non-stick copper pans and skillets durable, they are also much more sustainable for the environment in the long run.

From the absence of PFAs usually found on the non-stick coating on most household cookware, to the heavy gauge copper that is highly resistant against wear and tear, investing in sustainable copper cookware such as ours is a great choice. 

As we also hand hammered every single piece of copper cookware that we sell, doing so also eliminates the carbon footprint of mass production by machines. In fact, the global steel industry emitted 3.7 gigatons of CO2 in 2019 alone, which is definitely significant and utterly shocking. 

Unique Features Of Our Sustainable Copper Cookware

First and foremost, all of the copper used in our Copper Cookware products are sustainably sourced from recycled sources of copper. In addition, our Copper Cookware range are all solidly constructed to last you a lifetime. 

1. Non-Reactive Hot-tinned interior(PFA Free)

All of our hand hammered copper cookware are lined with a PFA-free tin interior that is naturally non-stick and non-reactive. That means that the tin lining does not interact with foods to give it a metallic taste.

The natural non-stick properties of tin means it's also healthier for you. Unlike the coating found on most non-stick cookware, our tin does not chip off over time and end up in your food.

On top of that, foods cooked in reactive pots also turn a funny color. This is especially true if they are highly acidic or alkaline. 

That's is why our sustainable copper cookware is superior to other types of cookware. Reactive cookware which usually features metal such as aluminum and cast iron are only suitable for prepping ingredients or quick sautés.

However, our tin lined copper cookware is great for making delicate sauces, sautés, pan frying and more.

This means that you will only need to use one piece of our copper cookware such as our Copper Sauté Pan for all of your cooking needs. You don't need multiple cookwares in your kitchen for a quick meal, or a slow cook dinner. 

Hot Tinned Interior Copper Cookware

2. Lifetime Guarantee For All Copper Cookware Products

As you know, copper is a durable and tough material that can withstand wear and tear.

In fact, our Copper Cookware range lasts a lifetime! We stand by our pride in high quality, hand crafted copper cookware products that are heirloom quality.

Instead of those mass produced type pans you get at the supermarket, our Sertodo Copper Cookware products are all made by hand. This ensures that every single piece of copper cookware we sell is of the highest quality. 

So, how does that make them sustainable? Well, instead of purchasing multiple pans or pots in your lifetime, our Copper Cookware guarantees that you'll only need to buy ONE for all your cooking purposes. This means less pollution for our environment, as well as reducing wastage to our planet's resources.

You can learn more about our Sertodo Guarantee here

3. Durable and Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handles

Lastly, the durable and ergonomic stainless steel handles on all of our copper cookware makes them sustainable and better for the environment.

Not only are they riveted on for a strong grip, it also ensures you never have to get a new pan, skillet or pot just because the handles broke.

In addition, as we hand hammer every single piece of our copper cookware, this directly contributes to a lifetime durability that is unmatched by other cookware range made by other materials. Copper is extremely malleable and durable, which is why it is often prized by professional chefs.

Buying multiple pans in your lifetime not only contributes to the land fill, this also adds to your household's carbon footprint.

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Here at Sertodo Copper, all of our copper goods are 100% hand hammered and solidly constructed from recycled sources of copper.

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We highly value beautiful craftsmanship in all of our products, as well as creating sustainable copper pieces you will be proud to own. On top of that, we are also proud of the fact that our copper products are heirloom quality, which means they will last you for not only your lifetime, but for your future generations.

Invest In Our Long-Lasting Sertodo Copper Cookware

As you can see, having an eco-friendly home starts by investing in long-lasting, durable cookware such as our Copper Cookware. 

You can help us in our mission to reduce the world's carbon footprint, encourage more recycling and reusing, as well as choosing to invest more money upfront for lifetime use.