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3 Ways To Cook Eggs In Our Copper Non Stick Pan

Our tin lined Copper Non Stick Pan is a versatile copper cookware for cooking eggs. Whether you like your eggs soft and scrambled, sunny side up or a perfectly poached egg on top of your favorite Eggs Benedict, you'll love using our natural non stick Copper Skillets everyday.

Why our Tin Lined Copper Pan make great long-lasting cookware

Our tin lined Copper Skillets are the ultimate sustainable cookware that will last you and your family for generations to come. 

We chose tin as the lining to our Copper Non Stick Pan due to its durability. It's also easier to re-tin your copper cookware, which we provide at a special price for our loyal customers.

Copper Skillets Cook Eggs

In addition, tin lining is also superior to stainless steel when it comes to non-stick properties. The super thin 2mm tin linings we use in our Copper Skillets and Pans also get better with age and use. The more you cook with your tin lined Copper Pan, the more stabilized the ions within the tin lining becomes.

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3 Ways To Cook Eggs In Our Copper Non Stick Pan

Cooking eggs on our Copper Non Stick Pan is not only a breeze, it's also a super easy way to add some protein to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you ever need to make a quick yet delicious side dish, our Copper Non Stick Pan also cooks effortlessly on low heat. All you have to do is put on the lid, set a timer and voilà! 

1. Slowly cooking scrambled eggs on low heat

Love nothing than a perfectly tossed scrambled eggs for breakfast or brunch? Making scrambled eggs on our Copper Non Stick Pan is pretty straightforward, not to mention effortlessly delicious!

As copper is a highly conduction metal, it doesn't require much heat to achieve  non stick results when cooking. This is especially true when you're cooking eggs. Make sure that you cook your eggs on low heat, so that they don't get overcooked or turn "old".

Add some caviar as a garnish, and you'll have a gourmet breakfast without leaving your home. 

Scrambled Eggs On Copper Non Stick Pan

2. Sunny Side Up Eggs

Another great way to make eggs with our Copper Non Stick Pan is a good old Sunny Side Up!

Crack an egg on low to medium heat, and you'll have delicious fried eggs with a runny yoke. Make sure you wait until the eggs cook properly and come up the pan. Avoid poking at the bottom of the eggs before they are ready.

You'll know your Sunny Side Up egg is ready when they lift off the pan. Switch off your stove to let it cool, and your eggs will slide right off your Copper Skillet. 

3. Fluffy steamed eggs on low heat

If you're partial to steamed eggs, you definitely have to try making them on our Copper Skillets on low heat. You can start by adding a little oil to the pan. Whisk 2 to 3 eggs in a bowl, then cook them on low with the lid on.

After 10 to 15 minutes, you can enjoy fluffy steamed eggs that are high in protein and perfect for everyone to enjoy. The best part is, you can just serve this dish from the cook top to the table top without re-plating them. Our Copper Non Stick Pan is also presentable enough for entertaining and catering purposes. 

Steamed eggs on Copper Non Stick Pan

How To Keep Eggs From Sticking To Your Copper Pan

If you find that your eggs stick to your Copper Skillet or Copper Non Stick Pan, then your pan is definitely too hot.

Avoid switching on medium or high heat whenever you're cooking eggs on copper cookware. This is because the high conductivity of copper means that it does not require much heat to cook food evenly. 

So how can you tell if your pan is hot enough? You can use the water drop method to see whether your pan is ready for cooking eggs. Flick a few drops of water onto your Copper Pan, and if it sizzles and dissipates quickly, your pan is definitely hot enough for you to work with.

You can learn more about the features of our hand hammered Copper Non Stick Skillets with Sertodo founder Jonathan Beall here: