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Sertodo's Ergonomic Copper Cookware Handles

If you love modern, functional and ergonomic copper cookware, you definitely love Sertodo's ergonomic copper cookware handles! Our handles put these pans in a class all their own: heat resistant, ergonomic and lightweight to give you more control and comfort.

In this guide, we dive deep into our patented copper cookware handles that is the perfect combination of traditional high-quality cookware and modern reworking to suit today's sensibilities.

Our Patented Copper Cookware Handles: Lightweight, Heat Resistant and Ergonomic

Apart from being lightweight, our copper cookware handles are heat resistant and ergonomic to give you more comfort and control when you do what you do best in the kitchen.

Our hand hammered copper cookware is superior in its design, from the tin lined interior to the handles that transfer heat so that they are not hot to the touch. 

On top of that, our cookware handles double as a spoon and lid rest, designed for moments when you are simmering, sautéing or waiting for your food to cook on the stove top.

Watch a quick explanation of our patented, ergonomic copper cookware handles by Sertodo founder Jonathan Beall here:


1. Copper Skillets

As mentioned in the video, our hand hammered Copper Skillets have a unique stainless steel handle that dissipates heat effectively. The unique shape also molds to your hand, making it ergonomic and easy to handle.

Ergonomic patented Copper Skillets handle

On top of that, our patented handle on our hand hammered Copper Skillets reduce its weight for a lighter grip. There's also a curve at the end of the handles on our Copper Skillets to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip whenever you're sautéing, stir frying or lifting them up. 

In addition, you can also use the handles also function as spoon and lid rest for a seamless cooking experience. Talk about multi-functional with beautiful form - Sertodo's Copper Skillets are truly one of a kind!

2. Copper Stock Pots and Saute Pan

Our cookware pot handles are multifunctional

            Our Copper Stock Pot and Copper Sauté Pan lid and pot handles double as a spoon and lid rest

Lid handle for spoons and spatulas

2. Alicante Copper Paella Pan

Copper Paella Pan Handles
The side handles on our Alicante Copper Paella Pan also doubles as a
ladle rest.
Sauce pot handle also doubles as a lid handle

While waiting for your sauce to simmer, you can also rest the Copper Sauce Pot lid on our patented pot handle! 

Coating Of Pure Natural Tin For Natural Non Stick Results

Unlike non-stick cookware that recently raised concerns about the presence of harmful PFAs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) on its pan, all of our copper cookware have a natural non-stick tin lined interior that are not harmful to your health after long-term use.

These 5,000 synthetic compounds are present in the blood of 98 per cent of the U.S. population, with research finding our diet was the main source of exposure to these harmful chemicals.

This recent finding by the FDA also confirmed that prolonged exposure to PFAs has been associated with serious health risks, including cancer, liver and kidney damage, high cholesterol, reproductive harm and damage to the immune system.

On top of that, when you invest in our handmade copper pots, pans, skillets and cookware, they will last you for a lifetime.

Instead of having to constantly throw out and replace inferior cookware, you can pass down our Sertodo copper cookware to the next generation as an heirloom.

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