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Handmade Copper Pots Guide: Which One Is The Best For You?

If you love our entire range of handmade copper cookware, but still need a little guidance in choosing the right one, then this guide is for you!

As our hand hammered copper pots are made to last, it is important that you use them for their intended function so that you can pass them down to your next generation as an heirloom.

But first, there are few things to remember when it comes to using and caring for your pure copper cooking pots. 

How To Use Your Handmade Copper Pots

As your handmade copper pots are made from 100% recycled copper sources, it is crucial that you take extra care during and after using them on the stovetop.

Cooking with our copper pots is extremely effortless. However, use a low to medium flame whenever you cook with our copper pots. This is because copper is highly conductive and heat resistant, and will give you an even cooking performance. 

After using your copper pots, wash them gently with a soft sponge and pat dry carefully using a clean kitchen towel. Leaving your copper pots wet to drain will cause water spots to form, which will tarnish its original shine. 

If you look after your copper pots consistently and handle it with care, you will have a long-lasting companion in the kitchen and having it look just as gorgeous as the first day you received it. 

Sertodo Copper Pots: Which One Is The Right One For You?

1. Hand Hammered Copper Saucepan

Our hand hammered copper sauce pot is really the best one in the market to create your heavenly sauces. A timeless heirloom copper pot you will be proud to pass on to your next generation, the Copper Saucepan is also great for making candy and other delicious desserts of your choice.

Copper Sauce Pot Sertodo


Ideal for: Making sauces, polenta, jam, candy and desserts. Goes perfectly well from stovetop to the tabletop, and offers up a great presentation without extra effort.


  • Ergonomic patented handle
  • 2.5 quart capacity
  • 8 inch diameter by 4 inches deep 8 inch lid included (lid also fits 8 inch skillet)
  • Heavy gauge (2mm) copper pan
  • Hot tinned interior, the traditional and natural non-stick surface
  • Available in our high Polished Finish, or the Peacock Patina (no polish finish)


2. Copper Stock Pots

Our big, beautiful Copper Stock Pots offer up an impressive 2.5 and 3.5 gallon capacity, which makes it ideal for catering and holiday entertaining.

Combining beauty and function, these hand hammered copper stock pots are truly long-lasting cookware that will stay in your family for decades to come.

Hand Hammered Copper Stock Pots

Ideal for:Professional catering, entertaining large groups, bulk cooking


  • Heavy gauge (2mm) copper walls
  • Hot tinned interior
  • Patented handles reduce weight, stay cooler while cooking, ergonomic design for a comfortable grasp

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3. Copper Sauté Pan with Lid

Although this is technically not a copper pot, it is truly one of our favorite copper cookware that is as versatile and functional as a handmade copper pot! You need only check out the awesome features this Copper Sauté Pan below.

Copper Saute Pan

Ideal for:Searing, frying, steaming, making sauces, deep frying. This handmade copper pan can do it all in the kitchen! 


  • 3 quart capacity
  • Heavy gauge (2mm) solid copper pan
  • Hot tinned interior, the traditional and natural non-stick surface
  • Patented handles reduce weight, stay cooler, ergonomic grasp
  • Stainless steel countersunk rivets sit flush to the interior of the pan
  • 10 inch lid included (also fits 10 inch saute pan and 3.5 gallon stock pot)
  • Available in our high Polished Finish, or the Peacock Patina (no polish finish)  


4. Petite French Copper Butter Pot With Lid


Named "petite" because it is truly a tiny jewel in your kitchen, our Petite French Copper Butter Pot is made for melting butter evenly, anytime you wish.

Petite copper pot

If you know a foodie, butter enthusiast or French culinary and dessert lover in your life, this tiny but mighty handmade copper pot is the best one for them! 

Ideal for:Melting butter for baking and making breakfast


  • Sertodo patented lid
  • Hot tinned interior(traditional/non stick)
  • 1 cup capacity
  • Heavy gauge 2mm copper pan


Love this copper pot guide? If you also love baking, our specialized cookware range also features copper mixing bowls and jam pans that will instantly level up your culinary game!


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