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The Only Ayurveda Copper Water Pitcher You Need


If you think drinking water from copper vessels such as copper bottles, pitchers and mugs is a very recent trend, think again! This practice of drinking and storing water in copper vessels is very much an ancient tradition of the Ayurveda that goes back thousands of years.

In fact, founder of Sertodo Jonathan Beall had first-hand experience of said Ayurvedic practice when he spent years in the Himalayas at the source of the Ganges river.

The art of drinking copper the Ayurvedic way consists of Intention, Medium, Litmus and Shine, in which it becomes a way of life more than just a superficial practice just because it is the popular thing to do.

Scientists have been studying copper's oligodynamic effects and its many health benefits to our well-being closely in recent years. Even the way you store your water and the length of time you need to wait before consuming copper water has plenty of details.

Research has shown that storing your water in copper pitchers and jugs for up to 48 hours is the best to ensure that you reap the most benefits out of the copper water.

Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher With Lid

More than just a copper vessel, our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher With Lid is also an elegant decor accent for any kind of table top and kitchen!

Inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition of storing water in copper vessels for good health, our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher is named after our source: Ganges river straight out of the Glacier. 

With 70 and 48 fluid ounce sizes available, you can also customize and ask us to monogram the Gangotri Copper Water PItcher to make a heartwarming long distance Mother's Day gift or as a wedding anniversary gift. In fact, copper is traditionally given as the 7th wedding anniversary gift as copper symbolizes the warmth and comfort of marital bliss. 


Common Questions About Drinking Copper Water

Can we drink copper water daily?

Yes! However, if you do have existing health conditions and illnesses, consult your physician and doctor. Drinking copper water on the daily is NOT a be-all and cure all of diseases. Some beginners even react to drinking copper water initially by having a cold during winter. 

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Where to buy a copper water pitcher? 

Most copper water pitchers you see when you do a quick search on Google do not come with lids! Our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher has an elegantly designed lid that literally has our customers clamoring to "put a lid on it" to their beloved hammered copper water pitchers and vessels.

You can shop our copper pitchers here  or opt for our Ayurveda copper drinkware goods instead.

Is copper water good for health?

As copper is a trace mineral all of us need to function optimally and enjoy good health, copper water is generally good for health. Here are 13 benefits of drinking copper water from a copper vessel you should know about. 




If you're looking to add drinking copper water to your daily routine, our Gangotri Water Pitcher is the best place to start! With an elegant design that honors the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic copper water, our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher is bound to be your best companion when it comes to sipping your daily water for years to come.