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Ayurveda Copper Water & The Oligodynamic Effects Of Copper

In recent months, copper once again caught the attention of the world for its usefulness in helping prevent transmission of SARS-coronavirus and influenza viruses. Apparently, copper is effective in reducing the transmission of several infectious disease due to its oligodynamic effect on bacteria and viruses.  

As storing water in copper vessels kills bacteria and makes your drinking water safer, embracing the Ayurvedic way of drinking copper water on the daily has plenty of benefits for you and your family to stay safe during this global pandemic. 

If you're ready to learn more about copper water and how the Oligodynamic effect of copper benefits your health, please read on!

The Ayurvedic Way Of Drinking Copper Water


Drinking copper water the Ayurvedic way everyday bears plenty of health benefits, including helping our bodies make red blood cells and thus boost our immunity. The reason why copper is a great water vessel is because copper vessels such as copper water pitchers and our pure copper water dispenser positively charges the water.

On top of that, this study by the Central For Disease Control And Prevention(CDC) shows that metals such as iron and copper could be used for disinfection of water, incorporated into reusable medical devices and environmental control. 

According to Ayurvedic practices, the water stored in any water vessel is known as "tamara jal". It is suggested that you should consume the water stored in copper water vessels for up to eight hours.

Additionally, copper water helps to balance our body's doshas which promotes optimum health. This is especially true during the cold, winter months where most of us are perceptive to the flu. To learn more about how our copper water dispenser compares to getting the flu shot, read this in-depth article right here

The practice of Intention, Litmus, Medium and Shine in your daily drinking of copper water will definitely help you make the most out of the Ayurvedic way of drinking copper water. 

What Is The Oligodynamic Effect?


From aiding in weight loss, strengthening your immune system to improving your digestion, copper makes a great water vessel as its oligodynamic effects adds a little something to your daily hydration.

According to this article by Shantiva, the Oligodynamic effect is a natural phenomenon defined as "the ability of small amounts of heavy metals to sterilize and exert a lethal effect on bacteria cells". In low concentrations, consuming water after storing them in metals such as silver and copper ensures that the water is killed of bacteria.

In the past, door knobs were commonly made of copper, and cutlery made from silver deliberately and for a good reason. As copper has antimicrobial and acts as a good disinfectant, it was intentionally chosen as the perfect material for surfaces such as door knobs and used as water pitchers. 


How Does The Oligodynamic Effect Work? 

This recent study examined the best way to remove biological contamination from drinking water in a variety of water pitchers made from copper, silver, plastic and clay. The results from the study show that copper pitcher was the most effective at removing bacteria in the water. In fact, there was significant inhibitory effect on bacteria after storing water in a copper pitcher for a few hours. 

So, how does the oligodynamic effect actually work?

While modern science does not yet fully understand exactly how copper has this unique antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, studies suggest that copper ions inactivate and destroy bacteria by affecting the protein in the bacteria's cell walls. This inadvertently causes membrane damage in bacteria, therefore impeding its growth and multiplication. 


Final Takeaway


In conclusion, copper is an effective and economical solution to remove microbes and harmful bacteria from your daily drinking water due to its oligodynamic effect. As copper is also an important mineral the human body needs to function optimally, drinking copper water on the daily also ensures that you are incorporating enough copper into your diet. 

Our pure copper water pitchers and Ayurveda drinkware products are excellent choices for everyone to start incorporating the practice of storing and drinking water from copper vessels. Otherwise, our hand hammered copper Apa cup which means water cup is also a great starting point for beginners. 

If you would like everyone in your family to start consuming safe drinking water from a copper vessel, our Niagara Water Dispenser is the best option!