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KitchenAid Professional 600 Copper Mixing Bowl, 6 quart

Copper Mixing Bowl for Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Mixers

Solid Copper Mixing Bowl, no other material allows you to whip up the lush, stable peaks of meringue as you can in pure copper. This Copper Mixing bowl for KitchenAid mixers works equally well when mixing batter, whipping icing, mashing potatoes to a smooth creaminess or spinning heavy cream into a wonderful whipped cream.

Real copper represents an investment that will last for generations with the right care. 

  • 100% Pure Copper - Copper is an inherently clean material with many natural properties that benefit our health.
  • Copper is prized for the stiffest peaks and fluffiest merengues when whipping eggs
  • Tig welded handle and attachment tabs for superior durability

***   Measure Twice, Ship Once!!!  Please refer to the measurement image and be sure that your KitchenAid Lift Stand mixer has the same spacing between the pins of the mounting arms, approximately 10 3/8" from center to center.   KitchenAid Professional 600 series  ***

Copper's classic kitchen bonafides come from the material's reaction with raw eggs -- basic chemistry with a culinary bonus. When you whisk egg whites in a copper bowl, some of the copper ions detach from the bowl and bond with a protein in the egg whites called conalbumin. This forms a strong, stable conalbumin-copper complex that delays any tendency in the expanding egg foam to deflate. Whisking mixes air with the egg, creating bubbles that expand the volume of the liquid up to eight times, as the egg protein uncoils and stretches. The more the protein stretches, the stiffer the beaten egg foam -- up to stiff, peaky points.