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The Best Copper Mixing Bowls: Beautiful And Supremely Functional

In 2018, Sertodo founder Jonathan Beall embarked on a vacation to Mont-Saint-Michel in France that yielded interesting results:  the rebirth of the traditional  Sertodo Copper Mixing Bowls

It was during Jonathan’s vacation to visit a friend in Normandy that he visited the famous  La Mère Poulard , one of the oldest omelette house in France. Known for making the fluffiest, most heavenly omelettes you can ever taste, this restaurant that has served hungry pilgrims since the 1800s would forever change Sertodo’s original copper mixing bowls with ring handles. 

Here is the incredible story of Jonathan’s transcendental experience at the La Mère Poulard restaurant in France that changed how he thought about making omelettes with copper mixing bowls forever…

Jonathan Beall's trip to Normandy, France changed his entire perspective about the design of Sertodo's copper mixing bowls.
Jonathan Beall inspecting the copper mixing bowls the French chefs were
usingto whisk egg whites in Normandy.

The Story Of La Mère Poulard, Mont-Saint-Michel

Started by Annette and Victor Poulard In 1888, the La Mère Poulard inn was a dream come true for the couple. Annette’s lifelong purpose was finally realised when she opened her inn in the year of 1888 which she considered a magical year that symbolizes luck and prosperity. Since then, Annette devoted her days to preparing meals to visitors, pilgrims, travelers and the most famous figures of her time.

To understand Annette’s background, you would have to get to know Édouard Corroyer, a renowned French architect. As the daughter of market gardeners from the region of Bourgogne, Annette initially entered Édouard Corroyer’s service as a maid. As Édouard often entertained guests at his home and loved to please them, he quickly discovered Annette’s culinary talents and told her about the dishes he liked.

The framed image of Madame Poulard outside the La Mere Poulard's restaurant in Normandy, France.
The framed photo of Annette Poulard, also known as La  Mère Poulard outside
the famous inn of the same name.


In 1872, Édouard Corroyer was commissioned with the task of restoring the abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel by the French government. Pressured by leading French intellectuals including Victor Hugo to restore Mont-Saint-Michel to its former glory as a national symbol, Annette discovered Mont-Saint-Michel because of Édouard Corroyer’s commission.

In the year of 1873, Édouard arranged Annette’s wedding to Victor Poulard, the son of a baker from Mont-Saint-Michel as a token of gratitude for her years of servitude as his maid and later chef.

It was in the same year that Annette and Victor acquired the Hotel Saint-Michel Teste d’Or. Whilst there, Annette reinterpreted dishes that were opposite to Édouard Corroyer’s liking of heavily-flavored creations with plenty of sauce for simpler, lighter culinary delights. She also continued to develop her unique style of cuisine inspired by produce sourced from the bay between Normandy and Brittany. 

The $75 Omelette That Changed Everything: Our Copper Mixing Bowl's Origin Story

In early 2018, Sertodo had already made its first run of copper mixing bowls with ring handles just before I left on vacation to visit a friend in Normandy, France. We made an all day pilgrimage through the tidal flats toMont Saint Michel. While I was there, I visited the iconic Abbey of St Michael that becomes an island twice a day as the tides come and go. Since then, it has been a destination for pilgrims for many hundreds of years. 

Greeting the hungry pilgrims since the late 1800’s upon arrival as they just passed through the gates of the abbey is the famous restaurant,La Mère Poulard.  Since the late 1800’s, they have been whipping up the fluffiest eggs in  copper bowls cooked in butter on a copper skillet over a wood fire to make the  most amazing omelette you may ever have in your life.  

These whipped eggs hold their fluffed shape so well, that the finished omelette is easily two inches thick, light, buttery and delicious!  (And now costing you a whopping$75 dollars). 

The chefs atLa Mère Poulard were certainly earning their omelettes, gripping brass handles riveted to large copper mixing bowls and intensely whipping up dozens of eggs at a time to a full airy fluffiness.  

Seeing how the chefs at La Mere Poulard's were whisking their egg whites changed Jonathan's perspective about his copper mixing bowls!
The chefs at Madame Poulard's whisk egg whites in shiny, copper mixing bowls that are balanced on towels shaped in a donut to keep the mixing bowls steady.


At Sertodo, we take pride in the fact that the equipment we make is not made to simply look good, but are made to be used and loved as a necessary part of people’s kitchens.  

When I saw these copper bowls being put to duty in Normandy, I knew immediately that the ubiquitous hanging ring I originally placed on our first run of copper mixing bowls simply would not fit with our line.  

So I held off on the release of our copper mixing bowls until we had riveted some  heavy duty handles  on them so folks can get busy whipping and mixing. Along with looking pretty hanging up in your kitchen, our copper mixing bowls are extremely gorgeous to behold, not to mention 100% unique. Each mixing bowl is hand hammered by my team of copper artisans, which means each copper mixing bowl Sertodo sells is completely unique.

How La Mère Poulard Inspired Sertodo’s Copper Mixing Bowls Handle Design

Sertodo’s original traditional copper mixing bowls had rings on them for handles, which were then changed to solid, riveted metal handles afterwards. This was inspired by Jonathan’s trip to one of the oldest omelette houses in France, La Mère Poulard. 

Jonathan noticed chefs at La Mère Poulard in Normandy, France were whisking egg whites away using copper mixing bowls that resulted in the fluffiest omelettes that tasted more like souffles. Most importantly, he observed that they were holding on to their copper mixing bowls with strong, riveted handles instead of ring handles. Furthermore, the mixing bowls these chefs were using also had rounded bottoms to allow for optimum results for mixing, whisking and whipping.

A close up look at the copper mixing bowls the French chefs use at the famous omelette house, La Mere Poulard's.

Inspired by the things he saw and learnt in France, Jonathan returned to his artisan copper artists to completely transform the design of his copper mixing bowls  to the ones with stainless steel handles you see today.

The science behind whipping or whisking eggs using copper is something that chefs swear by. So, what are the real benefits of whisking eggs in hand hammered copper mixing bowls? And why do you need a copper mixing bowl for fluffy, delicious eggs?

Why You Should Start Whisking Eggs In Copper Mixing Bowls

When you whisk egg whites in a mixing bowl, the whipping action of your whisk forces the clumped proteins in the egg whites to loosen up from each other.

As you continue to whisk, air is incorporated into the mixture. The proteins then rearrange and cause air to be trapped within the egg white foam. The proteins in the egg whites are bonded in a type of network that can be ionic such as disulfide bonds that form between two sulfur groups on the egg white proteins.

In short, as more of these ionic networks form and the proteins tighten up, water gets pushed out. As a result, you will end up with whipped egg whites that are essentially gritty and dry.

The reaction of copper ions with the ions in egg whites creates a conalbumin complex that is the reason behind fluffy and smooth whisked eggs.

Things To Look For In A Good Quality Copper Mixing Bowl

Are you ready to start whisking your eggs in a copper mixing bowl? There are plenty of things you need to look for when it comes to buying one that will stand the test of time--and produce the results you dream of.

Whether it is to make deliciously light and fluffy omelettes, scrambled eggs or meringue, you have to be intentional when it comes to choosing a good quality copper mixing bowl. 

Hanging up the solidly constructed copper mixing bowl on your walls is a great way to keep it dry and in good condition.


Firstly, when choosing a high quality copper mixing bowl, a hand hammered one made from thick gauge copper of solid construction is definitely better than a machine-made mixing bowl that only has partial copper. The best way to figure out whether a copper mixing bowl is of solid construction is by holding one in your hands. Our traditional copper mixing bowls and the KitchenAid Professional Mixer copper mixing bowl are both handmade from 100% recycled sources of copper. 

Next, when you are considering buying a copper mixing bowl, choose one with a solidly riveted stainless steel handle. Our 100% pure copper mixing bowls feature thick stainless steel handles that provides a firm grip while you whip and whisk away in the kitchen. 

Lastly, copper mixing bowls with a round bottom also helps you get the most out of your whipping and whisking action without breaking a sweat. Having large handles that are easy to grip definitely makes whisking egg whites easier, which is why the handles of our copper mixing bowls are generously sized. 

Our generously large stainless steel handles are riveted to provide you with a firm grip while you work your genius in the kitchen.

People Who Love Our Copper Mixing Bowls

Our hand hammered copper mixing bowls are definitely one of the most popular kitchenware our clients love. Investing in a set of Sertodo's  handmade copper mixing bowls was something that Deb and Danelle were very interested in, since they loved having hammered copper sinks in their kitchen.

Amy Mings of Maison de Mings also loves  baking pretty pies and making desserts with her kids using our copper mixing bowl.

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Don't take it from us that our copper mixing bowls are these customer reviews and you will find out just how much people love our hand hammered copper mixing bowls.



As you can see, over the years our Copper Mixing Bowls have graced plenty of kitchens and continue to be a well-loved tool for chefs, housewives and baking enthusiasts alike. They also make great customized  Mother's Day or  Father's Day gifts, as well as a unique  7th wedding anniversary gift that will last the test of time.

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