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6 Best Hammered Copper Bowls For Effortless Entertaining

Are you an avid hostess or host who enjoys entertaining friends and family whenever you get the chance? If you would like to dazzle and impress your guests every single time, be sure to have these 6 best handmade copper bowls at your disposal!

From copper mixing bowls to help you speed up your cooking process and level up your culinary skills, to bowls you can use to serve up appetizers and main courses, you will love our elegant and functional hammered Copper Bowls. 

6 Of The Best Handmade Copper Bowls For Serving and Entertaining Guests

1. Copper Mixing Bowls


Need something durable to whip eggs or mixing batters for your breads, crepes and baked goods? You will definitely love working with our sturdy, high performance Copper Mixing Bowls in your kitchen! 

Our unique Copper Mixing Bowls' design is inspired and based on the design of  Madame Poulard's, the Famous French Omelette house that has been serving omelettes for over 100 years to travelers on their pilgrimage to Mont Saint-Michel, France. 

As we hand hammer our Copper Mixing Bowls with 100% recycled pure copper and rivet them with stainless steel handles, you will be amazed by the durability of these prized mixing bowls. The ergonomic handle will also provide comfort whenever you need to cook a lot of food within a short time frame! 


2. Copper Mixing Bowl for KitchenAid Professional Mixer

Want to achieve more consistent results when you are batch baking for a number of guests? With our new Copper Mixing Bowl that is made for the KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer, you will be surprised and amazed at the lush, stable peaks of meringue or mashed potato that is not achievable by hand!

This hammered copper mixing bowl fits 6 quart lift stand mixers with 10 3/8" spacing between the mounting pins, so be sure to measure your KitchenAid Mixer before you purchase our mixing bowl. 


3. Copper Aphrodite Bowl


Sometimes you just want a little elegance at your tabletops while serving fruits, garnishes, snacks and nibbles at your parties. With our Copper Aphrodite Bowl, any appetizer or snack you create will be instantly elevated by the warm glow of copper. Your guests will be enjoy the culinary feasts while being enthralled by the gorgeous sea shell scalloping of your Copper Aphrodite Bowl.

So, if you're looking for flawless tabletop presentation, this is the copper bowl you need for effortless entertaining.


4. Frutera Copper Bowl


Whenever you are hosting a feast, it is important to also think about the presentation of your food so that your guests can also feast with their eyes. If you're looking for an elevated bowl to give your presentation a little interest and contrast, our Frutera Copper Bowl is your best choice.

Although Frutera means "fruit", it does not mean you can only display fruits with your Frutera Copper Bowl. Use it to display decadent oysters, seafood platter or as the centerpiece of your table, the Frutera Copper Bowl will definitely not disappoint!


5. Flat Earth Copper Bowl


Serving some chips, nachos or snacks for an afternoon party? Or are you having a last-minute hang with friends and need something elegant to serve up finger foods to go with your famous handcrafted concoctions?

No problem! Just whip out your Flat Earth Copper Bowl when friends, neighbors or colleagues pop by your home. With 7, 10 and 16 inch sizes available, why not get the whole set and display them all around your home. Everyone will be impressed by your impeccable sense of taste while admiring the gorgeous bling of your Flat Earth Copper Bowl(or bowls!)

You can use this versatile copper bowl as a centerpiece, serving tray, decorative platter and even as your vanity bowl on the fire place. The bottomline is, we handmade this copper bowl for you so that it can work around your lifestyle!


6. Copper Salsita Bowl


The "cousin" of our Frutera Copper Bowl, our Copper Salsita Bowl is just as elegant and timeless! Whether you fill it to the rim with sauces, condiments, garnish, salsa or use it as a centerpiece, this hand hammered copper bowl is made for your unique way of entertaining and hosting. 



If you are serious about gearing up on your entertaining game, grab some of these handmade copper bowls for your next hosting event! From small, intimate parties to a holiday bash with your entire clan, you will never be caught off guard and be off your hosting game when you have our copper bowls at your disposal.