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Ultimate Mother's Day Copper Gift Guide For 2020

With the world hibernating at home and social distancing still in place, Mother's Day in 2020 promises to be a memorable, albeit a very different one. Not being able to physically celebrate this special day with Mom is going to be challenging, but there are ways to show your love and appreciation with gifts that are eco-friendly and made to last for years to come.

Whether you are shopping for Mom who loves to cook using high quality cookware,, the social butterfly Mom who used to entertain guests every week or your Mom who enjoys decorating her home with gorgeous copper pieces because of their wonderful lovely glow, Sertodo Copper has plenty to offer.

Mother's Day Copper Gift Guide for 2020

Are you ready for these wonderful, pure copper gift ideas? Get your notebook ready to jot down these ideas!

Bar Gifts For Mom

1. Boston Maraka Shaker Set

Copper Boston Shaker Set

Hand hammered to perfection, this beginner copper bar tool is the quality craft tools for Mom's craft cocktails! We created our Boston Maraka Shaker Set for the professional bartender and serious connoisseur. One 18-ounce and one 30-ounce solid copper cups designed and tested for a solid positive seal. The elegance, durability and function of this copper shaker set will elevate even your most esoteric cocktail.

2. Barman's Setup 2.0

Shopping for a far more serious connoisseur? 

Consider the Barman's Setup 2.0 instead! Complete with the Boston Shaker, Double-Sided Jigger, ringer bar spoon, Charolita tray and a Butler Bell, Mom can proudly cater your drinks the next time house visits are no longer against social distancing rules!

Want to customize this item? Grab the custom engraved version of this gift here.

Copper Barman's Set Up

3. Ice Tea Cup, 30 oz.


Copper Iced Tea Cup

Mom not a huge fan of alcoholic drinks but enjoys a good old cup of iced tea on her balcony? The elegance of this large hand hammered copper shaker with 30 oz capacity, will bring a little bit of ‘shock and awe’ to Mom's presentation or even your most esoteric cocktail. 

Elegant Cookware For Mom

4. Copper Skillets

Versatile, light-weight and heavy gauge, our pure copper skillets boasts long-lasting performance and presentation prized through time! Make Mom's time during isolation a little easier with these superior cookware she'll love using daily in her kitchen. From creating the perfect omelette to presenting her creation to family members during dinnertime, these Copper Skillets make a great Mother's Day gift that keeps giving.

5. Kitchen Canisters

Help Mom add some timeless elegance to her kitchen counters with these absolutely gorgeous Kitchen Canisters hand hammered from 100% pure copper that are sourced from recycled materials. Great for storing flour, rice, sugar, coffee etc., Mom will enjoy keeping her kitchen clean, elegant and organized!

6. Mixing Bowls

With these 100% pure copper mixing bowls in her kitchen, Mom can cook up a storm and bake perfectly delicious goods all week long with ease! These pure copper kitchenware are also perfect for Mom to whip her eggs every morning like a pro...

Hand hammered copper mixing bowl

Home Decor Gifts For Mom

7. Flat Earth Bowl, 7''

Where the square and the circle make peace, our Flat Earth design reconciles the ancient belief of a flat earth and her four corners into a modern design with elegant curves and soft corners. As a bowl or centerpiece, Mom will enjoy its functional elegance for years to come!

8. Frutera Bowl

Nothing embodies the brilliance of the hammered facets of this pure copper centerpiece complimenting the fruits of Mother Earth better than our Frutera Bowl

Copper Frutera Bowl

This bowl is perfect for fruit, chilled custards and chocolate mousse. The pedestal bowl offers stunning service for freshly shucked oysters and cold seafood platters too! 

Shop this gorgeous copper centerpiece for Mom to decorate any room she pleases.


9. Chequer Tray

Copper Chequer Tray

This heavy gauge copper tray is solid, functional and an elegant addition to Mom's drawers, tables and even in her bedroom. No matter the function it serve, from storing her keys to serving up her favorite cocktail during midday, this Chequer Tray sure makes a foolproof Mother's Day gift any Mom will be glad to receive!

Self Care Gifts For Mom

10. Copper Ayurveda Water Set

Gift the gift of health to Mom with our Ayurveda Set inspired by the Ayurveda practice of storing and drinking water in Copper Vessels.

Copper Ayurveda Water Set

If you would like to know more about the anti-microbial and health benefits of drinking copper water, check out the 8 surprising copper health benefits you didn't know about.

Either way, Mom will be happy to receive this thoughtful gift from you during this global health crisis.

11. Customized Gangotri Pitcher With Lid

These pure copper pitchers come to you straight from our source like the Ganges river out of the Gangotri glacier, inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of reaping multiple health benefits from drinking water from copper vessels. Our hammer polish beats shine, beauty and durability into every piece with a stainless steel handle double-riveted to the body built to last Mom for years to come.

Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher

You can further customize this beautiful hand hammered copper piece for Mom at your specific request.

12. Niagara Water Dispenser With Lid

Last but not least, our Niagara Water Dispenser with Lid included remains one of the best ally and gift you can possibly give Mom! Uniting modern style with ancient craft, the Sertodo Niagara Water Dispenser is named after the famous Niagara Falls renowned both for its spiritual beauty, and power.

The best gift you can give Mom is this pure copper goodness that helps to boost her immune system daily with each sip of water she drinks while staying safe at home. 

Copper Water Dispenser With Lid On Stainless Steel Stand

Which copper gift are you giving Mom this Mother's Day? Comment below to let us know! (;