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Copper Cookware Spotlight: Permian Copper Basins

Since 1997, Sertodo Copper has been making hand hammered copper cookware designed for home cooking and entertaining.

Our love for the incredibly durable and functional pieces of copper cookware stems from its even cooking performance, as well as being extremely beautiful and presentable. 

In today's post, we are covering the features of our Permian Copper Basins and the benefits of having them in your kitchen.

These handmade copper cookware are great for specialized cooking and entertaining. This includes making homemade jams, carnitas, polenta, bobbing for apples, and using it as a beverage tub. 

Permian Copper Basins Handmade Copper Cookware

The Story Behind Our Permian Copper Basins

Our Permian Copper Basins are traditional cooking vessels used in cultures throughout the world for centuries. Some variation of this basin has been in continuous production in our region since the arrival of the Spanish to Mexico.

We began selling these out of the back of our truck over twenty years ago. Those first basins are still in use today! They are functional, versatile, durable and popular cookware for the last 500 years.

Permian Copper Basins Traditional Cookware

Why Copper Is Great For Making Jams

So, why use copper to make jams, sauces and polentas?

Copper is highly conductive, which means that it heats quickly and diffuses it evenly to the edges of the pan. This nimble reactivity of copper makes it the best material to sear, sauté, make jams, or even for chilling wine and beer.

As making jam requires a certain consistency and needs to be cooked quickly, using copper cookware to do so is the best option. This is because overcooking the fruit lessens its flavour, and since copper heats and cools quickly, it is perfect for making jams. 

Permian Copper Basins

When you turn off the stove, the jam in your Permian Copper Basin or Jam Pan stops boiling immediately. Copper is unlike stainless steel, in which the later takes longer to cool down, and will result in overcooking your fruit or jam. 

Most copper cookwares in the market are tin lined, as tin bonds chemically with copper, and it is also highly malleable with copper.

Tin also has a relatively non-stick surface compared to stainless steel, which is why our Copper Skillets, Copper Sauté Pan and Copper Sauce Pots are tin lined. 

Our Permian Copper Basins, however, are made from a single piece of heavy gauge copper and is 100% copper. Similar to our Copper Mixing Bowls, these copper basins are unlined with tin and solidly constructed with recycled sources of copper.

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Permian Copper Basins

Made from a single piece of heavy gauge copper, our Permian Copper Basins come in 2 sizes:

  • 15 inch diameter, 7 inches deep, 10 inch diameter footprint
  • 20 inch diameter, 9 inches deep, 13 inch diameter footprint
Permian Basin Beer Caddy


Apart from using it for specialized cooking, you can also use our Permian Copper Basins as a beer bucket, for catering drinks and even bathing babies. The sky truly is the limit! 

Our customers love our Permian Copper Basins, and here's what they have to say:

Permian Basins Review
Permian Copper Basins Review

What are you waiting for? Shop your Permian Copper Basins here while stocks last!