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Cooking With Hammered Copper Mixing Bowls: An Ultimate Guide

Did you know that cooking with Copper Mixing Bowls gives you plenty of culinary advantages? Hammered copper mixing bowls are not only great for whipping eggs, they also make the best mixing bowls when it comes to baking and giving you the best texture for your meringue.

If you are all about investing in long-lasting cookware and bakeware you can pass down to future generations, our solid, handmade copper mixing bowls should be your number one choice!

Combining Tradition With Modern Style: Sertodo's Copper Mixing Bowls

To understand the true origin of our hand-hammered copper mixing bowls, we have to go back 100 years...

We based our design of the Copper Mixing Bowls on the famous French Omelette house, Madame Poulard's, known for serving omelettes for over a century to travelers on their pilgrimage to Mont Saint-Michel, France. 

A homage to the culinary traditions of France and the French country kitchen aesthetic, our handmade copper mixing bowls have big and thick stainless steel handles to assist professional and amateur chefs in whipping eggs all day long.

Using our copper mixing bowls is not only a great precursor to creating the most delicious French pastry such as macaron and meringue, it is also an heirloom-quality cookware perfect for holiday entertaining and catering!

Our newest addition to the hammered copper mixing bowls tradition is our Copper Mixing Bowl for KitchenAid Stand Lift Mixers

KitchenAid Copper Mixing Bowl

**KitchenAid Lift Mixer not included!!

Made for prolific bakers who want to whip up lush, stable peaks of egg white or mashed potatoes within minutes, this hammered copper mixing bowl is great for cooking for large families or entertaining a large group during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

The Science Behind Copper As Excellent Cookware


So how does copper work its magic in the kitchen? You might be wondering why copper is prized for the stiffest peaks and fluffiest merengues when whipping eggs!

Basically, when you whisk egg whites in a copper mixing bowl, some of the copper ions detach from the bowl and bond with a protein in the egg whites coined as conalbumin.

This forms a strong, stable conalbumin-copper complex that delays any tendency in the expanding egg foam to deflate. Whisking mixes air with the egg, therefore creating bubbles that expand the volume of the liquid up to 8 times, as the egg protein uncoils and stretches.

The more the protein stretches, the stiffer the beaten egg foam which results in stiff, peaky points that are perfect for making delicious meringues or macaron. 

How To Use Our Solid Hand Hammered Copper Mixing Bowls

At Sertodo Copper, our copper mixing bowls are hand-hammered and made from pure copper from 100% recycled sources. With 2 quart, 4 quart and 6 quart sizes available for our hammered copper mixing bowls, you can also buy our 3 bowl set.

As copper interacts with the acidity of fruits, vegetable and salad dressings, our hammered copper mixing bowls are NOT intended for tossing salads. In fact, tossing salads in our copper mixing bowls will turn them blue or green, as well as causing your salad to taste a little metallic---almost as if you tossed them with copper wires!

To make the most out of our handmade copper mixing bowls, DO use them for the following:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Whipping eggs
  • Mixing pancake or crepe batters
  • Mixing bread and baked good dough
  • Whipping cream

What are you waiting for? Shop our hammered Copper Mixing Bowls here to level up your culinary game right now!

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