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Ultimate Valentine's Day Copper Gift Guide

This year, Valentine's Day is going to be completely different. Most couples who are lucky enough to be together might be planning on having a quiet celebration at home due to the current situation.

That is why this year, we at Sertodo Copper are helping you make the most out of Valentine's Day with special Sertodo Valentine's Day Bundles! That is right--you can effortlessly tell your unique love story with Sertodo this Valentine's Day! 

If you have not heard all about the modern day Grand Love Story that is the inspiration behind this, be sure to read all about it here

However, if you are apart from your loved one this Valentine's Day, this ultimate copper gift guide has plenty of customized gift ideas for you!

Make Valentine's Day Extra Special With Copper Gifts

When it comes to gifting your special someone with a thoughtful gift on Valentine's Day, giving something solid that does not break easily speaks volumes! Copper is not only traditionally gifted for the 7th wedding anniversary to symbolize the strength of a relationship, its health benefits as a water vessel with antibacterial effects is extra relevant today. 

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has done various studies that has shown that on copper alloy surfaces, greater than 99.9% of MRSA, as well as the other bacteria shown above, are killed within two hours at room temperature

In short, the best place to start when it comes to copper gift giving is our copper drinkware, kitchenware and accessories that are custom engravable. So, if you're ready for great copper gift ideas, check out the hand hammered, heirloom-quality copper goods below that are some of our best sellers!

Best Valentine's Day Copper Gift Ideas For A Social Distanced Celebration

While Valentine's Day is going to be a quiet celebration this year, it does not have to lose all romance and intimacy! If you have no clue where to start, we have a couple of Valentine's Day special bundles that will help you get the party started...

1. Sertodo Valentine's Barware Bundle


Spoil your special someone Valentine's Day and easily ignite the spark with your loved one when you grab our Sertodo Valentine's Day Deluxe Bundle!

Complete with our Chequer Tray, Boot Flask and Gunslinger Copper Shot Cups, this bundle is more than just a gift to mark Valentine's Day. 

You can easily make your mark by engraving his or her name on the flask or the tray.

Engrave your favorite song name, the vanity license plate for the bug you both made out in when you were freshman, engrave the date you met, your hotel room number, the secret of the universe...be brave, and do something different this year! 

2. Niagara Copper Water Dispenser

Niagara copper water dispenser

Gifting one of our most popular and beloved copper goods this year for Valentine's Day has an added layer of meaning. As drinking water from a copper vessel helps to boost your immune system, this copper gift is also a gift of health and well-being that means a lot in 2021.

The oldest recorded medical use of copper comes from an ancient Egyptian medical text circa 2200 B.C. describing the use of copper to sterilize drinking water and treat wounds for infection. Ayurvedic medicine, a tradition extending back over four thousand years,  prescribes a cup of water stored in a copper vessel first thing each morning to balance the energies of the body. 

Our copper water dispenser is not only a safe water container, it also gives you plenty of health benefits whenever you drink copper water on a daily basis.  

*You can request us to engrave Sertodo's logo or add your loved one's name or initial on this copper water dispenser to make a unique Valentine's Day gift.*

3. Copper Ayurveda Water Set


Inspired by the Ayurveda practice of storing and drinking water in Copper vessels, our Copper Ayurveda Water Set is more than just a shiny water pitcher and copper Apa cups. 

One of the reasons why this Copper Ayurveda Water Set makes a great Valentine's Day gift is the fact that it really promotes well-being in multiple ways.

Apart from transforming the daily act of drinking water into a meditative ritual, using copper vessels also ensures that the gift recipient has a safe, clean source of water due to copper's antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities.

Besides, the mantra bell that comes with this set has a calming effect that is good for the mental health and well-being of your loved one.

So, if you're looking for a wholesome, practical Valentine's Day gift that keeps giving, this Copper Ayurveda Water Set is definitely the best choice!  

4. Copper Kitchen Canisters


Last but not least, our hand hammered Copper Kitchen Canisters make great Valentine's Day gift for anyone! Unlike our copper bar tools or kitchen cookware, these kitchen canisters are useful, sturdy and versatile. 

You can store flour, coffee, sugar, tea, rice and anything you fancy in our solid Copper Kitchen Canisters. Available in 5 different sizes, you can also easily customize them for your special someone with a monogram, our logo or any text of your liking. 

Our 100% solid copper canisters are also excellent natural, clean elements to incorporate in anyone's kitchen due to copper's natural properties that benefit our health. So, these kitchen canisters also make a solid, Valentine's Day gift that is definitely more than useful during these times!

More Copper Gift Ideas:

Want more copper gift ideas for Valentine's Day? If your special someone loves baking, these copper baking accessories give you plenty of gift ideas!

Our holiday copper gift guide also has something for everyone, so check out these solid, hammered copper goods that also are relevant for Valentine's Day gifting. 

Happy Valentine's Day!