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5 Best Hammered Copper Cups For Everyone

Have you ever wondered whether you should get copper cups for your home? The short answer is, yes! You should definitely invest in some good quality hand hammered copper cups. 

The long answer is, copper cups are not only unbreakable and will last for a lifetime, drinking liquids and water from them also yields long-term health benefits for everyone in your family.

If you are not familiar with copper's oligodynamic effect and why drinking copper water is good for your health, be sure to read this article to learn about the Ayurvedic way of drinking copper water.

Is it safe to drink out of copper cups?

Copper reacts when it comes in contact with water and release copper oxide ions into water. This process, known as the oligodynamic effect, is why the Ayurvedic tradition of storing water in copper vessels continues until today. Excessive amounts of copper in the water does lead to copper poisoning.

According to this article, the amount of copper leached into water overnight is at 0.0475 parts per million(ppm). This is under the World Health Organization's recommendation of 2ppm, which is 2mg per liter.

Thus, it is safe to drink out of copper cups given that you purchase high quality copper cups from our copper drinkware collection. Rest assured, all of our copper drinkware, cups and mugs are hand hammered using pure copper from 100% recycled sources!

How do copper cups work?

As mentioned earlier, copper reacts with water to release copper oxide ions which are beneficial to your health.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, holding your copper cups in your hand allows copper's conductivity to release the flavors and aromas of your favorite spirit.

That is why copper cups are not only great for drinking water, they also add a cooling effect to your favorite libation, as well as making your drink taste even better over time.

5 Best Hammered Copper Cups For Everyone In Your Family

Ready to take a look at 7 of the best copper cups for everyone in your family? Check out our selection of hand hammered copper cups perfect for kids and adults-and special occasions!

1. For Kids and Adults- Copper Iced Tea Cup


Copper Iced Tea Cup


Fits perfectly in your hand, our Copper Iced Tea Cup is a staff favorite for drinking water and the perfect ice lemon tea! Its cool, tall and slender appearance makes it perfect for enjoying a perfectly chilled cool concoction, water or your favorite ice tea.

Choose your size of 18 ounce or 30 ounce or enjoy a 5% off when you buy 4 Copper Ice Tea Cups together.

You might also like our new 10 ounces Just Right Copper Cup to be your new daily water drinking cup. It goes perfectly well on your nightstand, kitchen table or next to your computer while you work from home.

2. For The Martini Enthusiast - Satini Copper Martini Cup

 Want to sip on your martinis in style? With our Satini Copper Martini Cup, anyone will feel as cool as James Bond on a mission without breaking your bank, of course! 

Although these copper cups are ideal for martini's and gourmet displays, they can also work well for serving sorbet, chocolate mousse or even caviar.

3. For Everyone- Copper Apa Cup

It is truly not an understatement that EVERYONE in your family can use and enjoy our Copper Apa Water Cup! This Ayurveda copper cup goes well with our copper water pitchers, and also works well as a standalone drinkware. 

Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that drinking or storing water in copper vessels offers many benefits for health and longevity, our hand hammered copper Apa cup is guaranteed to last you for a long time. 

4. For The Tequila Fan- Tequilero Copper Shot Cup 

Tequilero Copper Shot Cup

Love doing shots of Tequila with friends or family members? Our Tequilero Shot Cups are inspired by the traditional "Caballito" cups that are made for popping, sipping or shooting your favorite Tequila.

For a cool balanced profile to your Tequila, keep your Tequilero Copper Shot Cups in our copper ice bucket or freezer until you're ready to sip. 

5. For The Old-Fashioned At Heart - Moscow Mule Mug

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

If you love copper, then a good old-fashion Moscow Mule Mug should be one of the first pieces of copper cups you own! These hand hammered copper mugs are definitely the best copper cups for a Moscow Mule or Moscow Mule variations

We have 12 ounce and 18 ounce capacity Moscow Mules with copper handles as well as Moscow Mule Mugs with stainless steel handles. If you enjoy the social spirit of drinking spirits with company, as well as the ritual of mixing cocktails for guests, our solid Moscow Mule Mugs will be sure to give you beautiful service for years to come.


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Final Takeaway

If you are not ready to sink dollars into a copper water pitcher or water dispenser, our hand hammered copper cups are a great starting point for you to get acquainted with copper!

As you can see in the list above, we at Sertodo Copper make plenty of different copper cups that are tailored to everyone. Don't forget to check out our world class copper cookware!

P.S. Be sure to choose customization and ask us to engrave your copper cup if you are planning to gift them to a special someone. You can do so before checking out any of our copper goods.