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Pure Copper Bar Tools For The Home Bartender

Whether it is a good-old Margarita or a delicious homemade cocktail you are partial to, having solid and professional bar tools definitely makes life easier for you as a home bartender. 

If you are looking for gorgeous, shiny bar tools and supplies to add to your collection, copper bar tools are definitely all the rage these days. Apart from being shiny and beautiful to behold, our hammered copper bar tools are also heavy gauge and built to last you for years to come!

To help you choose the best hammered copper bar tools for your next handcrafted libations at home, read through this guide to find out which home bar accessories you should add to your wish list next. Better yet, custom engrave one of these copper bar tools to make a unique 7th copper anniversary gift for him!

Copper Bar Tool Essentials

Before we dive into the specific pros and cons of owning our beautiful copper bar tools, there are some copper bar tools that are definitely essentials to every professional bar you should know about. Here is a list of 3 copper bar tools that are heavy duty, solid and are absolutely great to work with when crafting and mixing cocktails.

1. The Ringer Bar Spoon

Available in 3 sizes, our pure hammered copper Ringer Bar Spoon helps you craft your cocktails with ease and elegance. Perfect for the amateur connoisseur and professional bartender, having the ringer bar spoon in your home bar will instantly elevate your home bartending skills.

This is what our customer has to say about our Ringer Bar Spoon:

"Essential tool for mixing a perfect cocktail. This spoon has real heft and balance. Beautiful. Thank you for the little bell ringer :-)."


2. Sertodo Scoop

Made of pure copper with a double riveted stainless steel loop handle, it complements ice buckets and tubs for effortless entertaining, or scooping your grains from your kitchen canisters. This classic home bar accessory is a sturdy and stylish scoop for your ice and miscellaneous dry items! With 1.5 cup capacity, its shiny and warm glow also photographs beautifully with your cocktails!

3. Double-Sided Jigger

This elegant hourglass shaped Double-Sided Jigger has easily visible measurements on a 2-ounce and 1-ounce cup soldered together, with 3/4, 1 1/2, and 1/4, 1/2 ounce indentations grooved into each cup for an accurate pour. 

Whether it is making your simplest or more esoteric cocktails, having our pure hammered copper Double-Sided Jigger at your disposal will definitely be a feast to your eyes and boost your cocktail-making experience.

To keep your Double-Sided Jigger's original shine and in tip-top shape, dry it with a cotton towel immediately after washing. DO NOT use steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents on all copper cocktail and bar tools. 

For more information on how to polish your copper goods, watch this quick video on how founder of Sertodo Copper spots clean his copper cups and mugs easily in a few steps.

Hammered Copper Bar Tool Sets

1. Copper Martini Set

If you are not a huge fan of cocktails but can never go a day without your daily martini, grab our Copper Martini Set to learn how to make your favorite libation at home! 

2. Essential Mixologist

Planning to master the ENTIRE mixologist repertoire for years to come? Invest in our Essential Mixologist set! With the cocktail and martini cups provided, our pure, heavy gauge copper bar tools will give you beautiful and sturdy function every time.

3. Barman's Setup 2.0

The most complete set for any budding and aspiring bartender, the Barman Setup 2.0 has everything you need to craft delicious esoteric cocktails! In this set, you will find a classic cocktail shaker, a double-sided jigger for easy and precise measurements, a set of 12-inch ringer bar spoon, a Charolita Tray and even a Butler Bell! 

4. Deluxe Home Bar Set

This copper bar set is the most luxurious and complete set we have, so if you're one who says "go big or go home", this deluxe set is it!

If you are looking for a complete kit of our copper bar tools for any cocktail creations, the Deluxe Home Bar Set is the ideal copper accessory for the home bar enthusiast looking to dazzle while they entertain. 

5. Boston Maraka Shaker Set

When it comes to making the perfect cocktail, our Boston Maraka Shaker is the essential tool for the cocktail lover.

Whether it is for the serious connoisseur or professional bartender, this hand hammered copper bar essential with one 18-oz cup that seats and seals into the other 30-oz cup for great mixing results.

Made from heavy gauge pure copper of 100% recycled sources, you can be sure this copper bar tool will last you for generations!

If you're shopping our Boston Maraka Shaker Set as a gift, make sure to custom engrave it for further personalization.!

Wrapping It Up

Are you ready to add to your home bar collection with Sertodo's pure copper bar tools? Shop from our hammered bar tools collection here!

If you are shopping for gifts, we offer a wide range of custom gifts with custom corporate and personalized engravings. 

Our CNC diamond drag engraver's robot lines cuts precise faceted lines into our hand-hammered copper goods, creating the perfect modern day love story of ancient tradition and modern technology.

Want some summer cocktail recipes to start using your Sertodo copper bar tools? Try your hand at these 3 easy and refreshing summer cocktails with our hand hammered copper bar accessories.