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3 Best Alternatives To Sertodo Copper Water Filter System

Looking for an alternative to our Sertodo Copper Water Filter System? If you are on the market for something to make your tap water safer, we have 3 best alternatives for you!

We understand that not all families are looking for a complete water filter system. However, that being said, unfiltered tap water is inherently unsafe is many parts of the United States. The presence of forever chemicals(PFAs) and various contaminants in your unfiltered tap water could have long-term harmful effects for your health. 

As a conscientious consumer of drinking water, you deserve the assurance and protection of the highest quality for your family. These alternatives to our Sertodo Copper Water Filter System are equipped with a specialized filter system that guarantees the purest drinking water in any situation - whether you're living off the grid, dealing with a failed municipal water system, or facing a boil water notice.

3 Best Alternatives To Sertodo Copper Water Filter System

When it comes to safe drinking water, we are very passionate about our handmade copper water products that render unfiltered tap water healthier and safer. 

Compared to Berkey, the ceramic filters in our Copper Water Filtration system effectively remove nitrate, flouride, on top of the removal of sediments, bacteria, heavy metal, microplastics, viruses, and pharmaceutical compounds.

As of August 2021, 2,854 locations in all 50 states of the U.S. have been contaminated with highly toxic fluoride compounds known as PFAS. This shocking information is easily viewable on an interactive map that displays the widespread pollution in both public and private water systems.

Despite being aware of this issue for decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has neglected to set proper cleanup standards and restrictions on PFAS discharges into our air and water sources. This is an urgent matter that requires immediate action.

That is why it is up to you to take action and protect your family against unfiltered tap water that is no longer safe for long-term consumption. If you can't afford to invest in our Sertodo Copper Water Filter System, these are the 3 best alternatives against continuing to consume unfiltered tap water that is harmful to you and your family. 

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1. Niagara Water Filtration Vessel

Our latest addition to our Copper Water product collection, the Niagara Water Filtration Vessel is the best companion to our Copper Water Dispenser.

Made specifically to fit your Sertodo Copper Water Dispenser, the two gravity filters you can fit into this copper water filtration container will instantly transform your water dispenser into a complete water filtration system.

This upper unit that is specifically designed to fit on top of your Niagara Copper Water Filter System fits 2 Slimline Cerametix Filters. These gravity feed filters

Niagara Copper Water Filtration Container

If you are looking for an alternative to purchasing our Sertodo Copper Water Filtration System, this is a great way to convert your beloved Copper Water Dispenser without breaking your bank!

With an investment of under $400, you can update your existing water dispenser into a complete water filter system. How good is that?

Sertodo Copper Water Filter System Alternatives



Learn more about our Niagara Copper Water Filter System from this ultimate guide.

2. Niagara Copper Water Dispenser

The next best alternative to having our Sertodo Copper Water Filter System is our Niagara Copper Water Dispenser. Although it does not have the added layer of safety you'll get from our Niagara Copper Water Vessel, this heavy gauge copper water dispenser gives you a certain amount of filtration from the oligodynamics of copper.

The pure copper that makes up the walls of our Niagara Copper Water Dispenser is 100% plastic-free, has a 2 gallon water capacity and a high quality stainless steel spigot. 

Hammered Copper Water Dispenser Sertodo Copper


3. Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher

Although not the best option, our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher is another good alternative to render your unfiltered tap water safe for consumption.

Drinking water from Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher

Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of storing water in copper vessels, this hand hammered copper water pitcher made from pure sources of copper is an economical alternative boiling your tap water.

The oligodynamic effects of copper means that it is a safe vessel that renders microbes inactive. Studies have also shown that storing water in copper pots kills contaminating diarrhoeagenic bateria. Copper's antibacterial properties also gives you long-term health benefits, including benefits to your digestion, heart health and skin health.