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Sertodo vs Berkey Water Filter: How They Compare

Wondering how Sertodo's water filters in Sertodo's Copper Water Filter System compare to the ones used in Berkey Water Filter System? In this detailed guide, we are doing a deep dive into the water filters used in both water filter systems.

The primary reason for writing this article is the recent unavailability of Berkey Water Filters due to the EPA issuing a STOP SALES mandate for making unsubstantiated and exaggerated claims regarding the filtration capabilities of their filters.  There are still other imported carbon filters making these claims that have not yet come under the scrutiny of the EPA. 

We're comparing specifically the filters used in Sertodo's Copper Water Filter System and the Big Berkey Water Filter System. You'll see a comparison in the filters in terms of price, effectiveness of removing impurities and contaminants and the overall quality of both water filter systems mentioned.  Please note: We are using the information claimed by the Berkey website regarding the capability of their filters.  

To ensure you have a clear understanding of how both of our water filtration systems work, as well as our water filters, we've done all the homework here for you.

Our CeraMetix GF Ceramic Filters: Everything You Need To Know

To give you the best drinking water quality for your Sertodo Copper Gravity Feed Water System, we have partnered with Aquacera to bring you the best ceramic/carbon gravity feed filters in the market.

Used in our Copper Water Filter System and Niagara Water Filtration Vessel, we have chosen the 7-inch CeraMetix® candle filters as it fits our 2-gallon water system perfectly in every way, size, quality, and performance.  

Proudly made in the USA, our CeraMetix® filters consist of a ceramic shell with AquaMetix® core inside to offer the reduction of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chloramines, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, radionuclides, silver, tri-halomethane, VOC's and zinc in a single, revolutionary ceramic filter element. 

In plain terms, these 7-inch high quality filters are highly effective when it comes to reducing and removing harmful bacterias, chemicals and pollutants to tap water. 

Aquacera CeraMetix water filters

The CeraMetix® Gravity Feed filter elements uses world-class silver impregnated ceramic micro porous outer shell that prevents bacterial growth.

Combined with AquaMetix® core mechanical filtration and physical absoprtion processes, these filters also improve taste and odor as well as reducing flouride, chlorine, lead, microplastics, mercury, arsenic, asbestos and pharmaceutical compounds.

On top of that, the CeraMetix® filters have been tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF protocols for cysts, turbidity, lead, heavy metals, chloramines and chlorine reduction(Class I).

Read the detailed lab report of our Cerametix ceramic filters to learn more.

Sertodo's vs Berkey Water Filters: How They Compare

Firstly, take a quick look at the how the specifications compare between our water filter system and Berkey's.

Specification Sertodo Water Filter System Berkey Water Filtration System
Storage Capacity 2-gallon dispenser capacity, 2-gallon purification tank capacity, and lid 2.25 Gallons (8.5 Liters)
Height 21 inches 21 inches
Diameter 9 inches 8.5 inches
Max Filter Capacity 4 Cerametix filters 4 Black Berkeys (upper) + 4 PF-2's (lower)
Material 100% recycled copper 304 ANSI Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Finish Polished finish pure copper High Polish Stainless Steel


Here's a quick comparison of how Sertodo compares with Berkey's water filters:

Parameter Sertodo Water Filter System Berkey Water Filtration System
First use Sertodo system should be flushed once Berkey filters require priming
Washability Sertodo Ceramic shell can be rinsed to improve flow rate after use Berkey Carbon Filters are not washable
Fluoride Sertodo filters fluoride from drinking water Berkey requires additional filters to filter fluoride from drinking water
Type of water filtration system Gravity Feed Water Filter System Gravity Feed Water Filter System
Type of water filter/technology Ceramic/Gravity Feed Filters Silver impregnated ceramic mechanical filtration and physical absorption; Black Berkey Purification Elements Gravity Feed Water System
Effectiveness of removing contaminants Removes sediments, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, lead, microplastics, mercury, arsenic, asbestos, and pharmaceutical compounds Removes sediments, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals; Does not effectively remove nitrates and fluorides
Price of replacement water filters $35 each; 4 for $140  Black Berkey Element and PF-2 Filter Combo $329.99


In terms of the contaminant removals when tested by accredited third-party labs, Sertodo's Water Filtration System boasts the following:

  • >95% pharmaceuticals ANSI/NSF Standard 401
  • >98% ANSI/NSF Standard 53 heavy metals including aluminum, iron, mercury, nickel and zinc  by Envirotek
  • >99% lead reduction ANSI/NSF Standard 53 by Envirotek
  • >99.4% nitrites reduction
  • >99% Fluorinated Organic Acids (PFOA & PFOS) reduction
  • 100% removal of cysts
  • >99% chloramine, herbicides and pesticides reduction 

Compared with Berkey's Water Filtration System, their lab results are as below:

  • >99.1% pharmaceuticals, chloramine and pesticides reduction ANSI/NSF Standard 53 and 42 by Envirotek
  • >75% aluminum reduction
  • >97.5 lead and mercury by Black Berkey Los Angeles Lab
  • >95% removal of heavy metals including chromium, barium, nickel and nitrite, and >99% for arsenic and thallium by Black Berkey Los Angeles Lab
  • >95% nitrites reduction
  • >99.99% PFOAs reduction by Envirotek
  • >99.99% microcystin toxins reduction

You might want to read:

Understanding NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53

As you can see, Sertodo's water filters are much more effective compared to Berkey's across the board when it comes to removal of water contaminants. Berkey's water filtration systems are relatively weaker in terms of the removal of heavy metal such as aluminum, lead and mercury. 

You'll also notice that the ANSI/NSF Standard 42 and Standard 53 mentioned various times.


Firstly, let's look at ANSI/NSF Standard 42. According to their website, this is what Standard 42 means:

"Filters are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste/odor in point-of-use and point-of-entry treatment systems".


"Filters are certified to reduce a contaminant with a health effect. Health effects are set in this standard as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada.

Both standards 42 and 53 cover adsorption/filtration which is a process that occurs when liquid, gas or dissolved/suspended matter adheres to the surface of, or in the pores of, an adsorbent media. Carbon filters are an example of this type of product." 

More About Sertodo's Ceramic/Gravity Feed Water Filters

On top of providing you with high quality and good tasting purified drinking water, Sertodo's ceramic/gravity feed water filters also reduce a lot of other harmful contaminants and pollutants, including VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds), Fluorinated Organic Acids (PFOA & PFOS) and Flourides. 

Please see the details below:

Meets or Exceeds NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for the following:

  • >99% Chloramine reduction
  • >99% Chlorine reduction
  • >99% Lead reduction
  • >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
  • >99% Glyphosate reduction
  • >98% VOC's reduction
  • >98% THM's (Trihalomethanes) reduction
  • >94% Radionuclides reduction
  • >92% Nitrates reduction
  • >97% Fluoride reduction - All types - Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride
  • >99% Fluorinated Organic Acids (PFOA & PFOS)
  • >99% Micro plastics
  • 100% Removal of cysts

We highly recommend replacing your filters annually for the best results when it comes to safe, drinking water from our Copper Water Filter System as well as our latest Niagara Water Filtration Vessel.

Of course, our filters are also cleanable for prolonged life. However, in order to keep your Copper Water Filter System at >99.9% efficiency, it's crucial that you replace your ceramic water filters as regularly as possible.

Sertodo's ceramic gravity feed filters


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