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Copper Water Dispenser and Copper Water vs the Flu Shot

Niagara Copper Water Dispenser


I'd like to speak to one of my favorite and most used copper pieces that we make for the home, our pure copper Water Dispenser

The list of copper benefits to health are long. Combined with iron as an essential trace mineral our bodies need, copper plays a huge role in making red blood cells and maintaining the immune system.For more details about copper health benefits, read this article..  

We made our copper water dispenser about two years after I stopped drinking tap water due to my concerns about the chemicals being used in our water supply.  The standard pottery water crock wasn't much to look at and we wanted to create something that would bring copper water easily into an everyday practice.  

A shiny, hand hammered pure copper water dispenser with a five gallon spring water bottle sitting on top certainly does the trick there, copper water all day every day around here!

Water is the most important resource on our planet.  Without our health and vitality, it would be impossible for us to enjoy life to the fullest.  That's why copper and healthy water go together like peanut butter and chocolate. it's quite possible that the benefits of putting copper and water together predate the peanut butter and chocolate phenomenon 

In fact, it goes back thousands of years to the Ayurvedic practices of health and longevity. 

Many of our longstanding folk remedies continue to help people all over the world while ancient wisdom regarding the positive effects of copper are being rediscovered with modern science (Oligodynamic effect) : 

  • Copper bracelets for arthritis and tendinitis 
  • Copper compounds in joint and skin medication 
  • Copper threads woven into therapy clothing 
  • Copper water vessels for drinking your Ayurvedic copper water 
  • Copper vessels for purifying and storing naturally sourced water
  • the copper list goes on...


Our copper water dispenser would be a great resource in any off grid living situations due to it's OLIGODYNAMIC effect, naturally killing germs in your water as it is stored in the vessel. 

My personal testimony of a significant change I've noticed looking back at my health since first bringing our copper water dispenser into our house three years ago: The small colds and flus that would previously take us out several times a year have been skipping over our house.  

Rarely have we fallen when these bugs are running the circuit around town, through the schools, and in the flu season (knock on wood, and drink from copper!).  There haven't been any other significant, steady changes we've made other than using good water served from our copper water dispenser. To compliment your beautiful water dispenser, our Ayurveda Set is also an Ayurveda-inspired practice of drinking and storing water in copper vessels. 

For more copper pitchers and vessels, feel free to check out our hand hammered copper pitchers here

You can practically start reaping the health benefits of copper water today! 👇🏻



As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feed back you have. 

All the best to everyone and their intentions out there.  


-Jonathan Beall, founder Sertodo Copper