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5 Reimagined Dishes For Sertodo's Copper Paella Pan

Did you know that our Alicante Copper Paella Pan is more than just for cooking the perfect paella? Our Copper Paella Pan has superior even cooking performance that makes cooking anything a dream!

This handmade copper pan can become your go-to pan for searing vegetables, achieving the perfect crust on your potatoes and more. In today's guide, we share 5 reimagined dishes for Copper Paella Pan to demonstrate how it is definitely #morethanjustapaellapan!

5 Ways To Reimagine Dinner With A Copper Paella Pan

Our copper pans are the perfect match to add flavor and flair to more than just paella: omelets, crepes, vegetables, bacon, anything really.

As you'll see with these 5 reimagined dishes for our Copper Paella Pan, it is a versatile copper cookware that is more than just entertaining with a good old seafood paella! You can definitely serve up various family meal staples, as well as traditional holiday recipes.

1. The go-to pan for all side dishes

Making some potatoes, or searing some vegetables as your side dish? If you're looking for a high quality copper pan to achieve the perfect crisp for anything, our handmade Copper Paella Pan is our number one go-to pan.

The unique design on our Copper Paella Pan means you can fry, sear or stir fry anything to perfection on low to medium heat. Its 2mm thick tin line interior brings an exception heat distribution and nature non-stick quality.

Whether you are trying to achieve the perfect crispy bacon, or make a gorgeous potato side dish, our Alicante Paella Pan will definitely delight and perform every single time!

Copper paella pan for frying potatoes


2. Use it for hearty curries, casseroles and soups

Who says you can't use our Copper Paella Pan for hearty dishes such as soups, casseroles and curries? 

In fact, its even cooking performance makes it an exceptional cookware for anything that requires slow cooking. You can literally put everything in our hand hammered Copper Paella Pan and let it simmer while you set the table for dinner.

Perfect for those colder Fall and Winter months, our Copper Paella Pan is truly your best friend in your kitchen for enjoying hearty meals everyday! Why dine out when you can enjoy fine dining quality at home?

Photo credit: @ravichandran_nandini

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3. Cook the perfect pasta in our Copper Paella Pan

Addicted to eating pasta for dinner everyday? Cook your pasta and sauce all in one pan when you use our Copper Paella Pan on your stove.

Instead of having to cook your favorite pasta in a separate pot, our Copper Paella Pan is truly the versatile all-in-one pan that does it all! With our hand hammered Copper Paella Pan, you will enjoy great heat distribution, love the ergonomic cooking handles, as well as its versatility as an entertaining cookware!

Check out this pasta perfection in a copper pan by @sukysday here:



4. Entertain large groups with ribs, fillets, or steak

Entertaining a large group of people on short notice? No worries! Throw on some beautiful ribs, steak, fish fillets or rashers and turn on the delish on our Copper Paella Pan.

You can be sure of the delectable flavors and aromas this beautiful Copper Paella Pan will bring! Your guests will not only be enthralled by your cooking skills, but the absolutely stunning copper pan displaying the delicious food.


5. The perfect oven roasting pan: cook steak, meatballs, bake pasta

Looking for a super quick and easy way to make something delicious with our Copper Paella Pan? You can use it as a roasting pan in your woodfire oven and go from stovetop to tabletop in seconds.

In fact, our Alicante Paella Pan is also great for baking pasta in your oven, or anything you heart desires. 

You can even think of our Copper Paella Pan as the ONLY pan you ever need! Imagine using it at your next camping trip, intimate family gathering, or for cooking a simple yet delicious dinner for a special occasion at home.

Our handmade Copper Paella Pan is indeed highly multifunctional! You can cook it over fire, an electric stovetop, or a traditional cooktop. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to cooking and entertaining with our handmade Copper Paella Pan.

Final Takeaway: Our Copper Paella Pan Is More Than Just For Paella

As you can see, the magic of our Copper Paella Pan is in its versatility and the beautiful combination of tradition and modern functionality. It is more than just a copper pan to achieve gorgeous soccarat or crust for your Paella - in fact, you can use our Copper Paella Pan in whatever way you can imagine.

Perfect soccarat for paella

Whether you use our handmade Copper Paella Pan to entertain, cook for your family, or host parties, we hope we've opened your eyes to the myriad of possibilities our Copper Paella Pan can bring!

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