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Best Copper Holiday Gift Bundles For Everyone

Looking for the ultimate copper gift for everyone on your Christmas list? If you're looking for the best copper gift bundles, you've come to the right place! In this holiday gift guide, we will feature all of the best Sertodo Copper holiday gift bundles for all the loved ones in your life.

From copper cookware gift bundles, to connoisseur and wellness copper bundles, you will find the best copper holiday gift bundles effortlessly!

*Note: Our copper gift sets are very popular. Order your gift sets early as some of our gift sets are already low on stock. Please also be aware that some of the holiday gift bundles could be out of stock at the time of writing. Pre-order your gift sets now to avoid disappointment.

Best Copper Kitchen & Copper Cookware Gift Bundles

Choose from a variety of our Copper Cookware gift bundles according to your budget! At Sertodo Copper, we are proud to present to you 4 different Copper holiday gift bundles for various needs and wants.

These Copper Cookware gift bundles are ordered from the lowest price to the highest price for your convenience.

1. Triple Threat Set

The ultimate copper holiday gift set for those who have been eyeing our Copper Kitchen Canisters! Whether you are shopping these for a beginner to copper accessories, or for someone who has had our Copper Kitchen Canisters in their shopping basket forever, our Triple Threat Set will surely delight.

Comes in an elegant eco-friendly pinstripe gift box, so all you have to do is wrap it up and place this gift under the Christmas tree!

Best copper gift set for copper kitchen canisters

Shop now - Triple Threat Set

2. Cooks Delight Gift Set

Next on the list is our Cooks Delight Copper gift set - the ultimate gift for the avid home cook. This Copper gift set includes our copper spoon rest, petit butter pot and a butler bell. It's the ultimate holiday gift bundle for someone who enjoys cooking and entertaining for intimate parties and gatherings.

Cooks Delight Set Copper Holiday Gift Set

Shop Cooks Delight Copper Holiday Gift Bundle

3. The Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Need a grander copper cookware gift bundle? It's time to look at our Kitchen Caboodle Copper Gift Bundles! The 7-piece Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle includes all the essential Sertodo copper cookware for a basic copper kitchen.

The copper cookware pieces in this copper holiday gift set includes:

  • 7-quart Copper Dutch Oven with lid (10x5)
  • 3-quart Copper Sauté Pan with lid (10x3)
  • 1.5-quart Copper Sauce Pot (6x3.5)
  • 10-inch Hand Hammered Copper Skillet

This Copper Cookware bundle is perfect for the beginner home cook or entertainer, as it only has one set of each of our best copper cookware pieces.  

Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Shop now - Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle


4. The Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Unlike the Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle, the Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle is a mega Copper Holiday Gift Bundle for the more experienced chef in your life!

Perfect for the intermediate gourmet cook, or enthusiastic host who loves cooking for medium-sized parties, this Copper Gift Set is the best copper holiday gift bundles for someone who absolutely adores cooking with copper cokware.

Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle Best Copper Holiday Gift Bundle

Shop now 

This 10-piece Copper Holiday Gift Set is much more versatile, and it includes:

  • 12 quart Dutch Oven with lid (12x6)
  • 3-quart Saute Pan with lid (10x3)
  • 2.5-quart sauce pot (8x3)
  • 1.5-quart sauce pot
  • 10-inch skillet
  • 8-inch skillet

5. The Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Last but not least, our Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle set is our biggest and most complete copper cookware holiday gift bundle!

With this mega Copper Cookware gift set, you can cook ALL kinds of cuisine and bring any recipe to your table. This complete Sertodo Copper Cookware set will be the biggest and best copper holiday gift for a professional caterer, legendary host and gourmet chef.

That's not all - this Copper Holiday Gift Set includes specialty cookware that makes cooking stocks, jams, merengues, macarons, candies, chocolates, Bourgignon, Paella, Bernaise and Roux a breeze.

Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Shop now - Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle Set

Best Copper Barware Gift Bundles

Searching for elegant and long-lasting copper barware gift bundles? We've got you covered! From gifts for cocktail lovers to those who love nothing better than popping shots, here are our best Copper Barware Holiday Gift Sets!

1. Tumbler Kit

Our humble Copper Barware Gift Bundle Tumbler Kit is nothing fancy - but it is made to last a lifetime and with exceptional craftsmanship.

This is the perfect holiday gift for the cocktail enthusiast and copper lover in your life. It includes simple, paired down tools for stirring up a nice cocktail at home or packed up for adventure travel. 

Presented in our elegant commemorative 25 year anniversary gift box, this small but mighty copper barware gift bundle includes:

  • 2 10-ounce tumblers
  • 2 Tequileros
  • 9" Bar spoon
  • Bell

Best copper barware gift bundle Tumbler Kit

Shop now - Copper Tumbler Kit

2. Sharpshooter Shot Setting Copper Gift Set

Know someone in your life who will never say "no" to doing shots? Grab this Sharpshooter Shot Setting holiday gift bundle and they will be enthralled to use it for their next party shot!

Use these handmade Copper Shot Cups at any event and instantly become the envy of all other copper shot cup lovers. This gift set includes:

  • 4 Sharpshooter Copper Cups
  • 1 Copper Chequer Tray
  • 1 Bell

Best copper barware gift bundle Sharpshooter Shot Setting

Shop now - Sharpshooter Copper Shot Setting

Best Copper WellnessGift Bundles & Gift Ideas

Looking for a great Copper wellness gift that keeps giving for years to come? If you're looking for an Ayurveda Copper Gift Set, this is it!

1. Just Right Copper Cup Set 

If you're new to the Ayurveda practice of drinking copper water, this Just Right Copper Cup Set is the perfect gift bundle for you. Unless of course, you are looking to gift this for the holiday season.

This heirloom quality Copper Gift Bundle includes 4 10-ounce Copper Cups made for enjoying a good old cup of water, cocktails or a perfectly chilled iced tea on a summer's day. It's the ultimate holiday gift for those in your life who value vitality and wellness. 

Just Right Copper Cup Set

2. Copper Ayurveda Water Set

If someone on your Christmas list has been meaning to get their hands on our popular Gangotri Water Pitcher, this holiday gift bundle is THE ONE! Our Copper Ayurveda Water Set also includes:

  • 2 Apa Copper Cups, 12 ounce capacity
  • 1 Mantra bell

Add a little glow of copper to someone's daily mindful practice with our Copper Ayurveda Water Set.

Pre-order this Holiday Gift Set now while stocks last.

Copper Ayurveda Water Set

3. Morning Delight Set

More than just another Copper Canister holiday gift set, our Morning Delight Set is all about starting your morning right with the gorgeous glow and health benefits of copper.

In this Copper Holiday Gift Bundle, it includes a quart-sized copper canister for your favorite coffee or tea, another 2-cup canister to keep your sugar perfectly handy, a cute little scoop for doling out the perfect amounts of both, a limited-run creamer copita with a handy spout, and a charming summoning bell to gently rouse the sleepyheads for their morning joy.

It's all adorable, and in very limited supply! Plus, we've wrapped it up nicely in our elegant and eco-friendly pinstripe gift box. 

Morning Delight Set Copper Holiday Gift Bundle

Best Copper Entertaining Gift Bundles

Sugar In My Bowl Holiday Gift Set

Inject sweetness in someone's life when you gift our Sugar In My Bowl set this holiday season! Perfect for the avid hostess who loves sugar as much as they adore copper, this copper holiday gift bundle includes:

  • 1Copper Jelly Bowl
  • 1Small copper scoop
  • 1 Bell
Sugar In My Bowl Set

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