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Hammered Copper Hip Flasks: A Buying Guide

Need a little help choosing the right Sertodo Copper Hip Flask? Whether you are shopping our hand hammered Copper Hip Flasks for yourself, or as a 7th wedding anniversary gift, our elegant Copper Hip Flasks are more than just dapper ways to carry your favorite libation around!

In fact, the different shapes of our handmade Copper Hip Flasks have their unique purpose. Read on to learn more about the history of hip flasks, and our comprehensive buying guide for our Hammered Copper Hip Flasks below.

What Are Hip Flasks? Why are they shaped like that?

If you're wondering why hip flasks have a curved shape, it's important to understand the history of its origin. Hip flasks or pocket flasks were used to be a concealed vessel for alcohol since the Prohibition in the 1920s. That's why most hip flasks have a curve and size to contour with the curves of the body. 

In modern times, Hip Flasks are an incredibly cool way to carry your favorite libation with you wherever you go. Carrying your Hip Flasks with you also means you can enjoy a little sip during vacations, camping trips or share your favorite spirit with your mates on special occasions. On top of that, the small fluid capacity of Hip Flasks also helps you keep your alcohol intake in check. 

What Traditionally Goes With A Hip Flask?

Traditionally, spirits such as whisky, gin and brandy are perfect for a hip flask. Due to its narrow opening, hip flasks reduce the intensity of the aroma of any drink. If you are partial to strong spirits, then having a hip flask will definitely allow you to enjoy a little sip whenever the occasion calls for it. 

The Benefits Of Owning Sertodo's Hammered Copper Hip Flasks

Still on the fence when it comes to investing in one of our Copper Hip Flasks? Here are some benefits and advantages of owning one of these beauties:

  • Easily control the amount of alcohol you're consuming: If you lack self control when it comes to your favorite libation, having a Copper Hip Flask is the game-changer you need! You'll learn to enjoy sipping spirits, and control the amount of alcohol you're consuming on a daily basis
  • Safer way to consume alcohol: You know the source of your spirit or alcohol 
  • It's elegant design is great for enjoying spirits in a subtle yet cool way
  • Great for enjoying flask cocktails
  • Lightweight and portable for traveling: Our Copper Hip Flasks are great for the outdoors, or whenever you're going camping, hiking or doing what you love best!

1. Espadín Luna Copper Hip Flask

Immerse yourself in full moon fever with the Luna Copper Hip Flask. This hand-crafted, heavy-gauge copper flask is not only made to look good, but also to last for generations.

Its unique chic design makes this one-of-a-kind Copper Hip Flask a great holiday gift choice for both men and women. Be sure to add custom engraving of our logo, the gift recipients initials or monogram to make this hand hammered Copper Hip Flask into a unique gift!

Round Copper Hip Flask

With a 6-fluid-ounce capacity, 4-inch diameter and precision machined stainless steel cap and copper neck, along with a tin-lined interior, you'll enjoy stable liquor storage from your Luna Copper Hip Flask.

To top it all off, the 20-year-anniversary commemorative gift box is tig welded to ensure seamless construction. An unforgettable gift for any hip flask aficionado. 

2. Espadín Petit Copper Hip Flask

Designed to fit snugly in your coat breast pocket, or in your purse, our hand hammered Espadín Petit Copper Hip Flask has a solid 7-ounce fluid capacity for times when you just need a tipple. 

Petit Hand Hammered Copper Hip Flask

Perfect as an engraved 7th wedding anniversary gift, this hand hammered copper hip flask also has the benefit of being lightweight, and fun to carry around! You can have it perfectly tucked away in your hips or jacket pocket, while being always prepared for a sip of your favorite libation. 

3. Espadín Copper Square Hip Flask

For discerning hip flask aficionados, this high-quality, hand-crafted Copper Square Hip Flask is the perfect companion for any occasion that calls for a bit of levity and good spirits.

With 9 ounces of capacity, it's designed to fit perfectly in your pocket for easy transport and convenience. The sturdy construction ensures your flask will look good and last for generations. 

Shop this Copper Square Hip Flask for the flask aficionado in your life, or as a celebration fo an important milestone such as graduation, wedding anniversary or for Christmas!

Square Copper Hip Flask

4. Espadín Grand Daddy Copper Hip Flask

Take 12 grand fluid ounces of your favorite spirit on your next outdoor excursion or add a touch of cheer to your next social gathering with this stylish hip flask!

Grand Daddy Copper Hip Flask

With its superior design, high-grade stainless steel construction, and capacity for generations of use, this Copper Hip Flask provides a perfect way to make a splash. Bring your favorite spirit with you wherever you go and enjoy the convenience and class of the perfect companion for any hip flask aficionado.

This Grand Daddy Copper Hip Flask is perfect for those who prefers a generous fluid capacity in a hip flask. It's also the perfect gift for

5. Espadín Copper Boot Flask

For the consummate hip flask aficionado, our 5-fluid ounce model is the perfect combination of sleek style and durability.

Copper Boot Flask

Hand-crafted to last for generations, it features a seamless construction thanks to a tig welding process, a precision machined stainless steel cap, a copper neck, and a tin lined interior for stable liquor storage.

Plus, it comes with a commemorative 20 year anniversary gift box, making it a truly special one-of-a-kind treasure.

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