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Why Our Copper Paella Pan Is The Best For Paellas

Love a well cooked and authentic Paella without travelling to Spain to enjoy it? With our Alicante Copper Paella Pans in your kitchen, you can effortlessly create the best paellas every single time!

In today's guide, we cover all about the superior quality of our Alicante Copper Paella Pans, why they are specifically made for Paellas and how to get the best cooking results from them.

What Is A Paella Pan?

A Paella Pan has a unique shape designed to help you cook delicious paellas, and often sports a wide and completely flat surface that usually includes a sloping edge.

Example of Paella Pan

Photo by Joshua Miranda from Pexels

According to Manso, chef and owner of Socarrat Paella Bar, a standard paella pan makes the difference between a soggy dinner and a flavorful one that comes with a crispy, delicious end called "socarrat".

Socarrat is the delectable caramalized rice crust that is the result of increasing heat in the final minutes of cooking. Paella pans usually have a build-up of "socarrat" that makes it difficult to clean and a little high maintenance.

However, it is definitely worth it if you love the dry texture and unique flavor of Paella. You can definitely try cooking paella on a cast iron non-stick pan, however, creating socarrat using those pans will not be easy. 

The unique wide surface of a Paella Pan is designed to allow rice to cook through as thin a layer as possible without leaving any steam or water.

Paella pans are traditionally made from carbon steel, and have a very thin surface to be highly responsive to heat.

Our Copper Paella Pans are superior in its design, with a warm glow that is easily presentable. Our hand hammered copper cookware is tin lined using a hot tinning method. This not only ensures a superb looking surface, but also that the cooking surface is food safe and durable. 

The unique design of a paella pan

Is Copper Good For A Paella Pan?

So, is copper actually a good material for a paella pan?

Copper is incredibly efficient at transferring heat, which means that your food will reach its ideal temperature quickly. This means you get to avoid overcooked food and burnt tastes, while bringing out the absolute best in your ingredients.

On top of that, copper conducts heat more rapidly than stainless steel, allowing for more precise temperature control and even heating. This means that you can spend less time waiting for your pan to heat up and more time cooking!

Living The Gourmet Chicken And Shrimp Paella

Why Our Copper Paella Pan Is The Best For Paellas 

Take a 1/8” solid copper plate and compare it side by side with a stainless steel plate of the same dimensions. You’ll see how much thicker the stainless steel is (and therefore how much heavier, too). It takes a long time for all that steel to get hot in the middle, which can leave some areas cold for a long time. 

However, a good quality copper paella pan needs to be thin enough for even cooking performance. That is why our hand hammered Copper Paella Pans are made from 2mm thick copper, which makes for a long lasting, durable and conductive sauté pan.

The hammered finish is both stylish and functional, making for a wear-friendly surface that will last for generations to come.

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Does A Paella Pan Make A Difference?

The simple answer is yes. This saffron rice dish can be cooked on a skillet, however, the end result might be soggy instead of being crunchy with a perfectly dry texture. 

In addition, paella pan's unique design comes with its own set of advantages. These paella pans are usually made from carbon steel, lightweight and conduct heat efficiently.

Due to its even heat distribution, paella pans are also great for sautéing potatoes and cooking food such as hash browns, sausages and bacon to crunchy perfection.

Customer review of Alicante Copper Paella Pan

Our Copper Paella Pans have that added bonus of extra durability, as they are made from sturdy 100% recycled sources of copper. Over time, our copper pans develop a rich patina that can be easily polished.

Your new Alicante Paella Paella Pan should be hand washed. The tin interior will 'season' with use much like cast iron.  Dry your copper goods with a cotton towel immediately after washing. 

Seafood paella example in Alicante Paella Pan


Get Your Copper Paella Pan Here

Ready to start creating your own delectable Paellas at home? We have various sizes of Copper Paella Pans, from 6 inch to 18 inch sizes that are suitable for various entertaining and cooking needs.

With the best copper paella pan in your kitchen, you can make the best paellas without fail every single time. Impress your guests with both the impeccable presentation and scrumptious paella with our Alicante Copper Palle Pan today! 

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