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Sertodo Copper's 2022 Holiday Gift Sets & Bundles

Are you ready to give the gift of copper this holiday season? This year, Sertodo Copper has plenty of Holiday Gifts and bundles for you to choose from!

Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis, we have create fun Holiday Gifts for different people in your life so that you don't have to decide. Get ready for all gift bundles big and small and start adding them to your cart.

These holiday gift bundles are available for a limited time only, so be sure to get in quick before our stock runs out.

2022 Sertodo Copper Holiday Bundles And Gift Sets

If gift giving is not your forte, then this guide will definitely help you out! As part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion, we have created various copper gift sets for our copper lovers who will be delighted to receive them as gifts.

For copper cookware lovers - Kitchen Caboodle Sets

This year's bundles are exceptionally wonderful, and will be sure to delight any copper cookware lover in your life. We have 3 different Kitchen Caboodle Sets for you to choose from, namely:

The Kingdom Kitchen Caboodle Set

Create your favorites with this 22-piece set of cookware. The rounded shape of the Dutch oven and its triple-coated nonstick interior cookware make it easy to clean. And the interior enamel coating is also resistant to minor scratches from metal utensils.

This bundle is the ULTIMATE Sertodo Copper kitchen cookware set, as it comes complete with all of our hand hammered pots, pans, mixing bowls, skillet, and spoon rest. Makes a great holiday gift for a couple, for your parents or grandparents. 

The Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle Set

Our 10-piece Dutch Oven Cookware Set is a magnificent addition to any kitchen. Crafted from 100% pure recycled copper with non-stick enamel coating, our cookware features premium materials that provide superior heat conduction and even cooking.

From beautiful stovetop to tabletop beauty and impressive durability, this set makes a fine addition to your collection. This holiday bundle suits a professional or amateur chef and host/hostess who entertains guests often.

Grand Kitchen Caboodle Set
Made from pure copper, this 7-piece set is made for cooking and looks good enough for display. This tool set is perfect for gifting as well as yourself. From stovetop to tabletop to hanging on the rack, oohhs will be ahhed and tastebuds will salivate before the first bite.
It's the compact kitchen caboodle set made to work, entertain and produce effortless even cooking performance without all the fluff. 


For the whiskey lover in your life - Sharpshooter Shot Setting

Gifts for whiskey lovers? Yes. The Sharpshooter Shot Cup Gift Set is a great gift for whisky lovers, and it even has four shots of whiskey to taste two different delicious whiskeys. Nine out of ten sharpshooters agree that this gift set is far superior to any other kind of shot glass.

Sharpshooter Gift Set

For cocktail lovers - Tumbler Kit

This cocktail tumbler kit is perfect for the home or on the go, and makes the ultimate gift for cocktail lovers!

The set includes a copper tumbler and glass strainer, plus a recipe book so you can easily make an Old-Fashioned at home or while camping. All items are packaged in our commemorative 25 year anniversary gift box.

Tumbler Kit Sertodo Copper Gift Set

For those with a sweet tooth- Sugar In My Bowl

Our Sugar In My Bowl copper bundle has everything you need to treat your favorite person to a little something special. Packaged in our 25-year commemorative gift box, the bowl and scoop are perfect for jelly beans, candied nuts, or any solid food that deserves a little sweet touch.


Sugar In My Bowl Copper Gift Set

For the home chef - Cooks Delight Set

A chef's dream bundle, the Cooks Delight Copper Holiday Bundle will delight your cook and brighten the kitchen visually, functionally, and lovingly. This three small delights will bring great rewards for anyone looking to please their chef. Packaged in our commemorative 25 year anniversary gift box. 

Cooks Delight Christmas Gift Set

The morning person gift - Morning Delight Set

Morning Delight Copper Holiday Gift Set

Give the gift of morning delight to the early riser or coffee drinker in your life.

Featuring a limited edition, copper-finished canister for your favorite coffee or tea. This set also includes another 2 cup canister for sugar and sweeteners, a small scoop for doling out both, and a creamer copita with spout that sounds like a sweet bell ringing to wake the weary for their morning delight.

For coffee and tea lovers - Triple Threat Set

It's the Triple Threat Holiday Bundle: Coffee, Tea, and Sugar. Perfect for any coffee lover or tea sipping hipster among us. Keep it simple with a few delicious cups of joe in the morning, or get fancy with delicate flower infused tea - either way your morning ritual is sure to be more enjoyable when you use these copper canisters to store your favorite mood/mind manipulators.

For copper cup fans - Just Right Copper Cup Set

Our Four Copper Cups are perfect for any occasion, be it water or cocktails. The 10-ounce capacity is just right to have around the house and they come packed in our commemorative 25th anniversary gift box.
This bundle is getting really popular, so order soon while stocks last!



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