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7 Fall Entertaining Ideas With Sertodo Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is the perfect compliment to all things Fall - its gorgeous hue and appearance not only makes it great for serving hearty Fall dishes, copper cookware also makes an excellent choice for Fall decor!

On top of that, if you love hosting and entertaining, you'll absolutely love these copper cookware entertaining ideas for Fall.

If you're looking for some Fall entertaining ideas with our copper cookware, this guide will inspire you to host, entertain and cook at home more often throughout Fall and Thanksgiving.

7 Best Fall Entertaining Ideas With Sertodo Copper Cookware

At Sertodo, we are proud of making functional and elegant copper cookware that makes hosting and entertaining effortless, while elevating your table decor at the same time. 

fall entertaining ideas copper mixing bowl

Photo credits: @magnolialanecottage

From sweet to savory dishes, our versatile hand hammered copper cookware is there to dazzle your family, friends and guests effortlessly.

You'll love these Fall entertaining ideas and dishes for family gatherings and dinners at home, as well as Fall entertaining ideas for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and beyond. 

1. Go from stovetop to tabletop with our Alicante Copper Paella Pan

First on the list is our Alicante Copper Paella Pan! If you love one-pot dinners, or simple yet hearty meals during Fall, this one is definitely for you. 

Make a delectable traditional Pumpkin Soup, or add a twist to the good old Paella, you can confidently whip up a crowd favorite with our hand hammered Copper Paella Pan!

The best part - you don't need to worry about serving your creation up in another gorgeous plate. Our Alicante Copper Paella Pan is already stunning on its own!

Seafood paella Fall entertaining with copper cookware
Fall entertaining recipe ideas copper skillet

Photo credits: @ravichandran_nandini

2. Serve up the best Fall harvest in our Copper Skillets

Whether you're making Dinner-For-Two, or hosting an intimate get-together this Fall, our versatile Copper Skillets will never cease to amaze!

On a cold, rainy day, serve up the best of Fall vegetables such as brussel sprouts, squash and pumpkin and cozy up in front of the fireplace. All you have to do is grab a heat pad for your table, and serve up your dish with our handmade Copper Skillet. It truly is a functional and presentable piece of copper cookware perfect for holiday entertaining!

Fall entertaining ideas for Fall with copper cookware

                                        Photo credits: @rainydaybites

Mushroom risotto in Sertodo Copper Skillet

    Mushroom risotto perfect for entertaining vegans and vegetarians during Fall and Thanksgiving!

3. Making Fall jams, compotes and polenta with our Copper Jam Pans/Copper Basins

Looking for some sweet Fall entertaining ideas instead? Our Permian Copper Jam Pans are here to help you make some of the most delicious berry jams, compotes and polenta.

Fall entertaining ideas with Copper Jam Pans

Copper jam pans are indeed the unsung heroes of Fall entertaining! Their exceptional heat conductivity ensures that your jams and compotes cook evenly, preserving the rich, natural flavors of seasonal fruits. Plus, the gorgeous copper sheen adds a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen decor.

When paired with warm, buttery cookies, flaky tarts, or any of your favorite Fall desserts, these pans elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level of deliciousness. So, gather your ingredients, stir up some magic, and let those Permian Copper Jam Pans turn your Fall gatherings into sweet and memorable moments!

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4. Dish up delicious Fall desserts with our Copper Mixing Bowl

Make delicious Fall desserts for entertaining with our Copper Mixing Bowl and you'll never go back!

Easily make delicious whipped cream to top your Pumpkin Pies, Fall cakes and desserts when you use our Copper Mixing Bowl for 6 Quart KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Mixer

Kitchenaid Copper Mixing Bowl

You can easily achieve the perfectly whipped egg whites for meringues, icing for cakes and desserts and more with our Copper Mixing Bowl. Perfect for making large batches of dessert for family gatherings or parties, our hand hammered Copper Mixing Bowl helps you achieve consistent results without spending hours in the kitchen.

Perfectly whipped egg white copper mixing bowl

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5. Dazzle your guests with our Copper Verdigris Tray - the best for seafood

Want to leave a lasting impressions with your guests? Look no further than our stunning Copper Verdigris Tray!

The gorgeous warm color of the inner lining of copper, and the beautiful verdigris patina goes perfectly well with any Fall color palette and decor style.

Serve up desserts, fruits, oysters or anything your heart desires - our hand hammered Copper Verdigris Oyster Tray will instantly make your Fall parties and events a hit!

Fall entertaining ideas Copper Verdigris Tray


Fall entertaining ideas with Sertodo copper cookware

6. Chicken in Champagne recipe with our Copper Stock Pots

Entertaining a large group under short notice this Fall? No worries! This Chicken in Champagne recipe by Amy Mings with our Copper Stock Pots is here for you! 

This holiday recipe is not only perfect for Thanksgiving, or Friendsgiving, you can also reimagine this dish to make it appropriate for Christmas.

While you can't really serve it up in these big, beautiful copper stock pots, they can act as a gorgeous centerpiece to your tables. If your guests love this dish so much they need seconds, they can also easily add some more to their plate! 

Save this Fall recipe for your Fall and Thanksgiving events now - you'll thank us later ;)

Fall entertaining chicken in champagne copper stock pots 

Photo credits: @maisondemings

7. Showcase your cooking skills with our Copper Sauté Pan for your family gatherings

Last but not least, if you are looking for effortless Fall entertaining ideas, our Copper Sauté Pan is your best bet!

Effortless fall entertaining with copper saute pan

Our hand hammered Copper Sauté Pan has the advantage of 3 quart capacity for cooking in bulk, while looking extremely presentable at the same time. 

Not to mention the amazing heat dissipation of this copper cookware! Put this Copper Sauté Pan to work on low heat on your stove, and you can have gorgeous ribs or meat dishes that simply fall off the bones. 

You can literally toss your food in the copper cookware and let it do all the work, while you get dressed for your Fall party or event. When the food is ready, you can then serve it up with pride and watch your guests go "ooh" and "aah"! Our copper cookware does all the work, while you get all the accolades.