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5 Copper Ideas For Holiday Entertaining

Are you fond of entertaining friends and family during the holiday season? If you are known for your delicious dishes and dazzling displays, why not consider adding some hand-hammered copper goodness to your tables! 

The warm glow and elegant shine of our handmade copper platters, trays, chafing dishes and bowls will definitely provide you with holiday entertaining accessories that last for years to come.

Sertodo Copper Goods For Catering And Entertaining

Here at  Sertodo Copper, we have been producing high quality hammered copper goods for the food service industry since 1997. Our original clients are still using those first goods they bought out of the back of our truck. Made to be used, sometimes abused, and still look good.

For large scale buffet or intimate gatherings, our copper catering equipment will make your event memorable.

Our hand-hammered copper entertaining pieces include chafing dishes and chafers, beverage urns, samovars, soup tureens, serving platters and buffet risers. Your clients and guests will notice your attention to quality and detail, as that is exactly where we put our attention.

So, if you are looking for the 5 best copper ideas to get ready for holiday entertaining, here are some of our most popular hand-hammered copper goods to add to your wish list!

5 Best Copper Ideas For Holiday Entertaining

Depending on your holiday entertaining needs, here are the 5 best copper goods you need to have at home so that you can easily shine and dazzle whenever you have guests over during Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years!

1. Byzantium Chafer Round Domed Chafer

Made from heavy gauge copper from 100% recycled sources, our Byzantium Chafer boasts stainless steel base and handles which makes it incredibly durable and will definitely last you for years of entertaining and catering. 

With this hammered copper chafing dish at your holiday tables, you will be sure to WOW your guests with this chafer's unique style and superior quality!

You might also like our Syracuse Rectangular Chafer with an impressive 8 quart capacity food pan.

2. Alicante Paella Pan

Are you more of a simple entertainer who loves intimate gatherings and parties? We have combined combine the unsurpassed quality of traditional craft with the beauty of modern design in this Alicante Paella Pan

The 12 inch pan is the perfect match to add flavor and flair to your intimate paella (2-4 people), omelets, crepes, vegetables, bacon, anything really. It is definitely a great price and unique style for beautiful cooking!

Alicante copper paella pan

3. Triangle Stand

If you are looking for an alternative to our chafing dishes, our humble Copper Triangle Stand is your best option!


As it folds into a stable triangular base 6 inches tall with 11 inch sides, the Triangle Stand is great for elevating serving dishes and breaking up the plane of your table presentation. It is also a great windscreen for outdoor entertaining, as the stable base keeps your food securely presented at all times.

Great for an intimate backyard picnic whenever you are bored of being indoors with your family!


4. Arcadia Beverage Urn


Our hand hammered copper Arcadia Beverage Urn handles a 60 cup capacity of hot or cold liquids. With a satin-polished stainless steel handle and stainless steel base, riveted hammered copper sterno cup holder, replaceable spigot, and a removable urn, our copper beverage urn is easy to clean and maintain.

With this truly classy and elegant copper beverage urn, its intimate glow and dazzling shine easily steps up the unique class of your presentation.

5. Permian Basins

These pots serve high quality specialty cooking functions such as preparing jams, polenta, carnitas, chocolates as well as attractive presentation pieces. They feature heavy gauged hammered copper and satin polished stainless steel handles for decades of durability.

Consider using our Permian Basins for medium to large gatherings, such as holiday entertaining for 20 or more people in your backyard!

Final Takeaway

Using copper for your holiday entertaining is not only a great investment for the long-term, it also helps you elevate your presentation, improve the flavors of your cooking as well as create a memorable experience your guests will never forget!


Which copperware will you be adding to your shopping list just in time for holiday entertaining?