Permian Basins

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Permian Basin, 15" or 20" diameter. Our hammered copper Permian Basins are incredibly durable and functional pieces that work in any environment. These pots serve high quality specialty cooking functions such as preparing jams, polenta, carnitas, chocolates as well as attractive presentation pieces. They feature heavy gauged hammered copper and satin polished stainless steel handles for decades of durability.

  • Functional, versatile, durable and popular for the last 500 years!
  • Single piece of seamless hammered copper for specialty cooking or functional decor.
  • Chilling wine and beer, bobbing for apples, bathing babies, your imagination is the limit.
  • Small Permian Basin is 15" diameter, 7" deep, 10" footprint
  • Large Permian Basin is 20" diameter, 9" deep, 13" footprint

Permian Basins Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very reliable.

Posted by Blackstone on Dec 26th 2018

This is a beautiful piece of work. Very solid and high quality!

Four Stars

Posted by Brooke M. Roebuck on Oct 3rd 2017

A little smaller than I anticipated

LOVE IT...but the polish could be better.

Posted by Steve B. on Aug 15th 2017

First, I love Sertodo.
I credit them with my love (addiction?) to copper. I have paella pans, bar ware, bowls, and more. I was extremely excited to receive this monster. It does not disappoint...HOWEVER...the basin that I received did not come with the high level of polish as shown in the picture. There were also many surface defects which I'm going to have our house manager polish out.
Is this a deal breaker? No. I'm sure it's part of the process and gives indication that their goods are in fact made by hand and there will be defects accordingly. But, I feel that some of them, namely the drips, should have been polished out. That's why I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.
I'll be using this as an ice basin for cold drinks so it's no big deal...but if you are looking for a beautiful shiny piece to showcase somewhere keep in mind that you may need to do some polishing.

Five Stars

Posted by Canisales on Apr 3rd 2016


Five Stars

Posted by Anthony Whiting on Feb 22nd 2015

Beautiful basin, free delivery was awesome!

Five Stars

Posted by christian on Dec 28th 2014

Everything I expected.

Great For Chilling Drinks and Cooking Too

Posted by camcrow on Dec 2nd 2013

This review is for the Sertodo Permian Basin 15 inch by 7 inch deep version. I recently bought a Sertodo Copper Syracuse Chafer to use for serving at holiday parties and family gatherings (we have a large family). A week before our yearly gathering for Thanksgiving, where I planned on introducing my new chafer in order to impress everyone, my mother stopped by my house unexpectedly and saw the new arrival on the dining table. Well, crafty little devil that she is, after leaving my house she snuck online and bought this matching Sertodo Permian Basin and brought it to the Thanksgiving meal as a gift to me. Score!

Like the other Sertodo Copper goods I own (Mule Mugs, Chafer), this piece is a hand hammered, hand crafted beauty, with a heavy gauge construction and solid look and feel. The sturdy side handles are made of stainless steel, which makes sense because if you decide to cook in it you don't want the handles conducting too much heat. For our party this year I used it as an ice bucket to hold all the sodas and non-alcoholic drinks (just like the description says, no seams, one piece, no leaks!), but I'm also excited to use it soon for cooking. From my research I have learned that a sturdy copper basin like this is the only way to cook up proper artisanal style confitures and preserves. Apparently the copper conducts the heat so well that you can prepare the jam without too long of a cooking time, and also the flared sides allow the moisture to evaporate out and not run back into the preparation. I think the tradition of cooking jams in copper originated in France, but I also read that Sertodo Copper pieces are made in Michoacan Mexico by local craftsmen using age-old techniques, so I will be definitely adding some jalapeno or habanero chilis to my first batch.

Just like the other pieces of Sertodo Copper that I own, this one serves as stunning home decor when not in use. I look forward to growing my collection over the years and passing them down in the family after I'm gone. We throw a lot of parties at this house and I can tell this piece will get lots of use for a long, long time!

Beautiful basin for spa services. Upgraded to 4 stars.

Posted by KKJ on Aug 16th 2013

Beautiful basin. But one handle was damaged. Very unhappy as this is to be a central part of my spa services. Now have to find out if it can be exchanged for an in damaged unit. Will let you know if the vendor makes me happy and I can update my review with more stars