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Why Are Moscow Mules Served In Copper Mugs

Anyone who is a serious vodka or cocktail fan must have seen a deliciously fizzy Moscow Mule served in a traditional copper mug. But have you ever stopped to wonder why Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs? 

The cocktail made with vodka, lime juice and spicy ginger beer is popularly served in copper mugs for a reason.

As copper is highly conductive, when the delicious Moscow Mule is served in a copper cup or mug, it help takes on the temperature of the drink. During summer, having a perfectly chilled Moscow Mule in a copper mug is the definition of bliss for cocktail lovers.

In today's post, you will learn the history of Moscow Mules, why our Sertodo Moscow Mule copper mugs are the perfect cups to serve them, and where to get your hands on 100% pure handmade Moscow Mule mugs!

Solid copper moscow mule mugs

What exactly is a Moscow Mule?

A Moscow Mule is cocktail made with vodka, lime juice and spicy ginger beer, often garnished with a slice of lime. It is often also referred to as a vodka buck, as it is a buck, which is a cocktail made with any number of base liquors and ginger ale, ginger beer or citrus juice.

Typically served in copper mugs, the Moscow Mule has gone on to have plenty of variations due to its popularity. Other buck cocktails inspired by the Moscow Mule include the Kentucky mule made from bourbon, and the Irish mule with a base of Irish whiskey.

How Did Moscow Mule Get Its Name?

Believed to be originated in the USA in 1941, vodka was not a popular choice of alcohol in the US. John G. Martin, who was an alcohol seller decided to take a leap of faith and took a gamble by buying a vodka brand in the US. However, this business decision of his did not pay off.

One day while loitering around saddened with the lack of vodka sales, Martin had a conversation with the owner of an L.A. bar Cock 'n' Bull, Jack Morgan. Morgan faced a similar issue, but instead of low vodka sales, he was not able to sell  a single ginger beer. 

Around the same time, there was yet another business man who was struggling to sell his copper mugs.

These three struggling businessmen were all losing out on time and money, and legend has it that they put their heads together to figure out a solution. Thus, they mixed ginger ale and vodka, and started served the drink in a copper mug. After that, they marketed the drink and it started to take off. From then onwards, the popularity of Moscow Mule kept growing.

The name "Moscow Mule" was said to be a random pick, and related to Americans' tendency to associate vodka with Russia(therefore the name Moscow), and Mule was added to the name due to the kick of flavor the ginger ale provided in the drink.

Why Are Moscow Mules Served In A Copper Mug?

As mentioned earlier, copper is a highly conductive metal that makes it ideal for taking on the temperature of any drink it holds. That is why when you a served a Moscow Mule, the copper mug gives you a cool sensation as it helps keep it at its temperature, all the while enhancing its flavor.

Our Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug not only heightens the aroma and helps release the flavors of the Moscow Mule, it is also handcrafted to have a unique modern style combined with the ancient craft of hand hammering copper.

Solid copper moscow mule mug with copper handle

On top of that, copper is also an inherently clean material with many natural properties that benefit our health due to its oligodynamic effect

Similarly, all of our copper drinkware products also enhance the flavor of your esoteric cocktails. Simply hold them in your hand and let copper's conductivity release the flavors and aromas of your favorite spirit as it warms up to body temperature.

Where To Shop Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs 

At Sertodo Copper, we have Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs at 12 ozand 18 oz capacity with copper handle, as well as ones with stainless steel handle that are equally popular amongst our customers. 

Our Copper Moscow Mule Gift Set is also a popular gift option to mark important milestones, such as 7th wedding anniversary,Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas or graduation. 

You can also get our Copper Moscow Mules For Four Set for home entertaining, or if you have a large family who enjoys delicious Moscow Mules during the summer season.