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Mixing Cocktails With A Copper Bar Spoon: The Basics

At Sertodo Copper, one of our most beloved solid copper bar tools remains our Copper Ringer Bar Spoon for good reason.

Not only is it made of 100% recycled pure copper sources, our copper bar spoon features a twisted design that is made for cocktail mixing and creating esoteric drinks.

So, how do you use your copper bar spoon like a professional when mixing drinks at home? And why are the handles on bar spoons twisted?

In this guide, we cover the origin of the humble bar spoon, as well as the best practices when using your Copper Ringer Bar Spoon or Petit Copper Bar Spoon to mix your cocktails and esoteric creations at home.

Origin Of A Bar Spoon

Around 1279, one style of bar spoon known as the sucket spoon emerged in Germany. This particular style of spoon has a fork on one end and a spoon on the other, and was used early on as a multi-purpose dining tool. 

Later in the 18th century, the French apothecaries created the Mazagran spoon, which has similarities in design to today's bar spoon, to make medicine by crushing and stirring ingredients with it. The Mazagran spoon was later used in the 19th century to stir beverages and crush sugar cubes, and is later known as a bar spoon. 

By the mid to late 1800s, the sucket spoon was sold and used in American bars. They were usually placed in mixed drinks containing fruit, as patrons are able to stir their drinks with the spoon end and eat the fruits with the fork end. 

What is the purpose of the twisted bar spoon handle?

You're probably wondering, what is the purpose of the twisted bar spoon handle and how is it helpful when mixing drinks?

Copper bar spoon

In a nutshell, the bar spoon's twisted handle helps with layering alcohols which makes mixing a lot easier, as well as efficient stirring of drinks.

So, the twisted handle in our Copper Ringer Bar Spoon is really handy for making layered shots and cocktails as it aids in layering certain alcohols with different densities in one single vessel. 

How To Mix A Cocktail With A Copper Bar Spoon Like A Pro

How is the layering of drinks done using a copper bar spoon like ours? Firstly, you will need to carefully pour the alcohol down the spiral handle. Doing so helps create a slow and smooth flow for your drink.

Next, use the ringer at the end of the copper bar spoon to let the alcohol float on top of the drink. Lastly, it is important to pay attention to how you stir the drink to mix all the different types of alcohol together.

When it comes to stirring cocktails, there is a distinctive way of doing it compared to other drinks. When you stir, the twist of the bar spoon's handle should go along with the motion to make it smooth.

Doing so ensures the concave part of the bar spoon is touching the ice during the process of stirring to prevent splashes.

This is where the twisted design of the bar spoon's handle comes into play. It helps to dilute the cocktail faster since there are no interruptions when stirring, as it moves with the ice and various alcohols in the drink. 

The Copper Ringer Bar Spoon

Our Copper Ringer Bar Spoon is the solid copper barware that is essential to mixing your cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. Finished with a unique ringer design, you can add flair to your cocktail creation process by swinging the ringer around.

Unlike copper plated bar spoons that feel really light when holding it in your hands, our Copper Ringer Bar Spoon is made from 100% copper and heavy duty. 

Copper Ringer Bar Spoon

Petit Copper Bar Spoon

Our latest addition to our copper barware products, the 9-inch Petit Copper Bar Spoon might be tiny, but it is a mighty bar tool perfect for the home bar setup. 

Small Copper Bar Spoon

This bar spoon is made from one solid piece of copper stock, with the spade hammered directly from the shaft. It is specifically made for deft measurements, and whenever you are making small quantities of drinks at home.

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Final Takeaway: The Copper Bar Spoon

As you can see, the bar spoon has come a long way from being used to mix medicines, as a stirring spoon for fruity drinks and now as an essential mixing tool for bartending and home bar use. 

Its specific twisted handle, spade design and even the finishing end are all intentionally designed to make the best drinks possible.

Ready to elevate your cocktail creation skills with a good quality bar spoon? Learn more about our beautifully handcrafted The Ringer Bar Spoon by Sertodo Copper below!