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4 Must-Have Hammered Copper Bar Tools To Elevate Your Cocktail Game

Looking for copper bar tools that give you both great form and function? These are the 4 must-have hammered copper bar tools to elevate your cocktail mixing skills and your home bar.

Why Hammered Copper Bar Tools?

Copper is not only a gorgeous looking metal that makes any barware or bar tool absolutely stunning. It is also a sturdy and durable material that makes it resistant to wear and tear. Investing in hammered copper bar tools ensures that you have long-lasting tools for your craft that also brings you consistency with every esoteric cocktail. 

Below are some noted advantages of our hammered copper bar tools worth considering:

  • Durability - All of our copper bar tools are heavy gauge, which means that they can withstand years of wear and tear. 
  • Resistant to breakage - Unlike glass or tin Boston Shakers, our hammered Copper Boston Shaker tools and sets won't break easily and will last you for a lifetime
  • Temperature control -With excellent thermal conductivity, copper helps keep drinks colder for longer periods of time. Copper chills your cocktails faster and retains cold, ensuring a refreshing beverage every single time!
  • Pure Copper - Our hammered copper bar tools are made from 100% recycled sources of pure copper that has antimicrobial properties and plenty of health benefits

What Is A Boston Shaker? How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, a Boston Shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker that consists of a metal tin and a glass for shaking or stirring cocktails. 

Boston Shakers are very popular for amateur mixologists and professional bartenders due to its simplicity and functionality. It's not surprising that this essential bar tool has been around for over a century.

The most common combination is a 16 oz. mixing glass with a 28 oz. metal shaker tin. Our Copper Boston Shaker Set stands out of the crowd as it is 100% pure copper, and has a 16 oz. cup that seats and seals into the 25-oz cup for shaking the perfect cocktail.

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4 Must-Have Hammered Copper Bar Tools To Elevate Your Home Bar

Ready to take your cocktail making skills to the next level? These hammered copper bar tools will not only elevate your cocktail making abilities, they'll also impress your guests with your home bar skills. These stunning copper barware pieces made from 100% recycled sources of copper are functional yet stylish, and will have you mixing up delicious concoctions in no time!

1. Petit Copper Cobbler Shaker, 10 Ounce Capacity

Introducing the perfect addition to any cocktail connoisseur's collection: the Sertodo Copper Petit Cobbler Shaker. This cobbler-style shaker boasts a 10-ounce capacity cup, a sleek spherical lid with an integrated metal strainer, and a sophisticated copper nipple cap.

Not to be confused with a Boston Shaker, our solid Copper Cobbler Shaker has a cap that seals in the bottom cup, instead of a 2-piece cocktail shaker. Unlike most base model cobber shakers you'll find in home goods stores, our hand hammered Petit Cobbler Shaker does not warp easily. The sturdy, heavy gauge copper used to construct this Copper Cobbler Shaker ensures years of use resistant to wear and tear.

Crafted from 100% sustainably recycled copper, the shaker's unique hammered finish is not just for show - it's a symbol of the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into every Sertodo piece. Enjoy the flawless blend of form and function with this elegant shaker, designed for those who appreciate the art of mixology and the finer things in life.

Suitable for: Beginners and intermediates

Copper Cobbler Shaker

Love the quality of our Petite Copper Cobbler Shaker? We also have a Petite Copper Cobbler Shaker Set that includes a 10 ounce Cobbler Shaker, Double Sided Jigger, Copper Ringer Bar Spoon and Butler Bell.

2. 1610 Hammered Copper Boston Shaker

Upgrade your mixology game with our exquisitely handcrafted Sertodo Copper 1610 Boston Shaker. This compact yet sturdy shaker set is the perfect addition to your home bar, blending both style and substance.

1610 Boston Shaker

Impress your guests with the intimate capacities of our two-piece shaker set - 16 oz and 10 oz cups - perfect for mixing a wide variety of cocktails. Made from 100% recycled, heavy gauge copper, hand-hammered for exceptional quality, this shaker set is built to last.

But the true highlight of this shaker set is its tight seal, ensuring your cocktails are perfectly mixed and chilled every time. And when the party's over, easily separate the two pieces for effortless cleaning.

Not only does our Sertodo Copper 1610 Boston Shaker elevate your mixology skills, but it also adds a touch of entertainment flair to your gatherings. Unleash your creativity and experiment with new cocktail recipes or perfect your signature drinks with this professional-grade equipment.

And let's not forget the heritage piece aspect! Owning a Sertodo Copper 1610 Boston Shaker means owning a piece of history. Each shaker is a unique work of art, adding character and a story to your barware collection.

Suitable for:Beginners and intermediates 

3. 1610 Hammered Copper Boston Shaker Set

Introducing our new 1610 Boston Shaker,  the ultimate must-have for intermediate and serious home bartenders who appreciate quality and style. While it may sound like it was invented in Boston way back in 1610, its name simply pays tribute to the capacities of the cups that make it up.

1610 boston shaker set

Don't be fooled by its compact size;  this shaker is shakable and ready to roll, making it a true powerhouse in your bar tools collection. With a design that combines both form and function, the 1610 Boston Shaker is the perfect addition to any connoisseur's lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a cocktail enthusiast, this set will elevate your mixing experience and add a touch of elegance to your barware.

Crafted from 100% sustainably recycled copper and featuring a distinctive hammered finish, this shaker is not just a pretty face. It's a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every Sertodo piece. The set includes a 16 and 10 ounce copper cups, a double-sided jigger, petit bar spoon, and a butler bell - everything you need to mix the perfect drink. Plus, it comes beautifully packaged in our commemorative gift box.

Suitable for: Seasoned Mixologist or Connoisseurs

4. Essential Copper Mixologist Set

Designed to enhance both function and style, our core collection in the form of our Essential Copper Mixologist Set is perfect for intermediate and serious home bartenders. Each tool is meticulously made for optimal use and boasts a sleek copper finish that will elevate any drink-making experience.

Our set comes beautifully packaged in an elegant and eco-friendly pinstripe gift box, making it an ideal gift for any cocktail enthusiast. The set includes all the essential tools for creating perfect cocktails: a Copper Cocktail Mixer with a sturdy base, a Boston Copper Shaker set, a double-sided Copper jigger, a 12-inch Ringer copper bar spoon, and a Butler bell for when your creations are ready to be served. 

Suitable for:Those with intermediate to expert level bartending skills

Essential copper mixologist set
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