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Copper Boston Shaker vs Cobbler Shaker: An Ultimate Guide

Wondering what's the difference between a Copper Boston Shaker and a Cobbler Shaker?  In this guide, you'll learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of both types of cocktail shakers, as well as the best cocktails to make by amplifying their unique design.

More than just a comparison between the two, you'll learn all about how to best use our Copper Boston Shaker and Copper Cobbler Shaker.

Why Use A Cocktail Shaker?

If you're wondering why you should use a cocktail shaker at all, here are some basics when it comes to mixing cocktails you should know about. Firstly, mixing cold ingredients in a drink is easier said than done. It will take forever to dissolve sugar or syrup in cold beverage if you're doing it via stirring.

Why do you need to use a cocktail shaker

Next, a cocktail shaker helps you solve this issue as well as achieve a few effects that can't be done by simply pouring spirits and mixer over each other in a glass. Rapidly shaking ice with your drink for just 10 to 15 seconds, and you'll have the perfectly chilled and mixed esoteric cocktail!  

If you're a serious mixologist who makes cocktails regularly, we recommend that you invest in our various Copper Cocktail Shaker sets. A cocktail shaker is absolutely essential for a Martini, Sidecar or various classic cocktails done well. 

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Boston Shaker vs Cobbler Shaker: The Design

The Boston Shaker and Cobbler Shaker are the most popular and common cocktail shakers that are available for any type of mixologist. However, they have a different designs which also means pros and cons unique to each when it comes to cocktail creation.      

Copper Boston Shaker Set

Firstly, a Boston Shaker is typically a 2-piece shaker that consists of a stainless steel tin and a pint-sized glass. In contrast, our hand hammered Copper Boston Shaker Set takes this set up one step further by including 2 heavy gauge copper cups instead. With a 16-ounce cup that sits on top of the bigger capacity 25-ounce copper cup, the vacuum seal gives you the ultimate shaking performance for large amounts of cocktails. 

Copper Boston Shaker

2-piece Boston Shaker Set

Petite Copper Cobbler Shaker

Unlike the Boston Shaker, a Cobbler Shaker has a base that is made complete with a lid and a built-in strainer. This 3-piece cocktail shaker has its advantage of crafting delicious individual cocktails.  

Cobbler Shaker Set Assembled


Petit Copper Cobbler Shaker 3-Piece

Boston Shaker vs Cobbler Shaker: Pros and Cons

As you can see, the difference in design with the Boston Shaker and Cobbler Shaker produces different results when it comes to cocktail creation. The various features of each cocktail shaker also brings their own unique pros and cons.  

The Pros and Cons Of A Boston Shaker vs Cobbler Shaker

Boston Shakers have the advantage of being easy to clean and pretty straightforward to use. Loved by professional bartenders, shaking cocktails with Boston Shakers is also quite the spectacle that attracts a crowd. However, a Boston shaker set does require additional tools such as a separate strainer, bar spoon or double-sided jigger.

On the other hand, most Cobbler Shakers come with a built-in strainer that makes it harder to clean. With a tumbler portion that is made complete with a small cap, the Cobbler Shaker is much loved by home bartenders and amateur mixologists who love a convenient and elegant solution whenever they are craving for a cocktail. However, most cobbler shaker caps aren't necessarily 1-ounce capacity, plus the included strainer in most cobbler shakers aren't always great.

Compared to the Cobbler Shaker, the Boston Shaker is easier to handle and clean although it lacks in the more vintage, sleek look that makes a Cobbler Shaker much more appealing to connoisseurs who value both form and function.

Petit Copper Cobbler Shaker, 10-ounce capacity

With an integrated strainer and a solid copper construction, our Petit Copper Cobbler Shaker is ideal for crafting individual cocktails like a professional. 

Solidly constructed and crafted from 100% sustainably recycled copper, the gorgeous hammered finish makes this copper cocktail cobbler shaker stylish, long-lasting and highly functional. It comes complete with a 10-ounce capacity cup, spherical lid with an integrated metal strainer, and a copper nipple cap.

Designed for the individual who appreciates both form and function, this shaker is a testament to the connoisseur’s lifestyle.

Petite Copper Cobbler Shaker Pros and Cons


1610 Copper Boston Shaker

Lovers of exquisite copper shakers, get ready to elevate your mixology game with our stunning Sertodo Copper 1610 Boston Shaker. Handcrafted with care, this compact and sturdy shaker set is a must-have addition to your home bar, seamlessly blending both functionality and history with every shake.

Our shaker set includes 16 oz and 10 oz cups, perfect for crafting a variety of cocktails and allowing you to unleash your mixology skills.

Made from heavy gauge copper, hand-hammered with 100% recycled materials, our shaker will stand the test of time and enhance your mixology experience.

This two pieces of our Copper Boston Shaker Set seamlessly fit together to create a strong seal for shaking, but can easily be separated when your cocktail is perfectly chilled. Say goodbye to leaks and spills!


1610 Copper Boston Shaker


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