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Ultimate Guide To Sertodo's Copper Cookware Sets

Our customers absolutely adore our Copper Cookware here at Sertodo, which is why we released our Copper Kitchen Caboodle Sets!

We have bundled all of our copper kitchen cookware into amazing Copper Cookware Sets that make great gifts for special occasions such as your 7th wedding anniversary, or for anyone who wants to spoil themselves with beautiful copper kitchenware. 

It's not to see why our hand hammered copper cookware pieces are popular and loved by our customers. Made from 100% recycled sources of copper, our copper cookware cooks food evenly, presents beautifully, and has ergonomic patented handles for a great cooking experience.

Our copper cookware sets are made for professional chefs, and home cooks who love all things copper cookware. If you're not sure which Kitchen Caboodle set is the right choice for you, this ultimate guide is here to help you make the best decision.

The Advantages Of Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is not only appealing in appearance, as it has many advantages that French professional chefs appreciate. This includes the fact that chefs love copper for its high conductivity that gives them amazing control when it comes to cooking all kinds of food.

Whether it is making your favorite hollandaise sauce in a Copper Sauce Pan, serving up delectable Paellas in our Alicante Copper Paella Pan, or frying salmon in Copper Skillets, there truly is no match for the high performance of quality copper cookware. Our tin lined and pure copper cookware requires minimal preheating and uniform temperature throughout its surface that provides superior even cooking performance. 

Superior performance Copper Skillets

On top of that, copper's oligodynamic effect also makes it the perfect material as a mixing bowl, particularly when you are whisking egg whites for desserts such as meringue and macaron.

Even if you are not a professional chef, our handmade Copper Cookware products are all easily presentable from the cooktop to your tabletop! This helps you save time in presentation whenever you are entertaining or hosting. 

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Sertodo's Copper Cookware Sets 

1. The Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle

Our Whole Copper Kitchen Caboodle is our smallest Copper Cookware Set, but the mightiest! Get all kinds of happy with this 7-piece pure copper cookware set. This set includes :

  • 7-quart Copper Dutch Oven with lid (10x5)
  • 3-quart Copper Saute Pan with lid (10x3)
  • 1.5-quart Copper Sauce Pot (6x3.5)
  • 10-inch Copper Skillet

Whole Kitchen Copper Cookware Set

Shop Sertodo Copper Cookware Set

From stovetop to tabletop and hanging on the rack, oohhs will be ahhed and tastebuds will salivate before the first bite because of the aesthetic appeal of copper.

But it's not just about beauty: high-quality copper cookware provides better control during cooking, minimal preheating temperature, uniform temperature throughout the surface, chefs prize much more than shiny things staring back at them from your cupboard. 

Who this Copper Cookware Set is idea for:

  • Home chefs who cook frequently
  • The passionate entertainer who prizes superior cooking performance and stunning presentation

2. The Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle

The Grand Copper Kitchen Caboodle is our most complete cooking set to date, with all the essentials for any home chef. From our larger 12-quart Dutch Oven for when you need to go big, down to our 8-inch skillet for the perfect personal omelette.

Grand Kitchen Copper Cookware Set

Shop Sertodo Copper Cookware Set

This 10-piece durable Copper Cookware Set will elevate your kitchen, regardless of skill level or interests. With the beautiful aesthetic and impeccable performance that comes from pure copper cookware, it's no wonder chefs prize their copper pots and pans so dearly!

Unlike The Whole Kitchen Caboodle, this Copper Cookware Set has 2 Copper Saucepans and 2 Copper Skillets in different sizes for your various cooking needs. 

Who this Copper Cookware Set is ideal for:

  • The versatile professional chef and home chef
  • Home chefs looking for a complete Copper Cookware Set

3. The Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle

The Kingdom Copper Kitchen Caboodle has everything you need to discover the joy of cooking and entertain guests. This is definitely the crown jewel to Sertodo's Copper Cookware - this Copper Cookware Set is the ultimate dream for the home chef who also entertains frequently. 

This 22 piece set includes a variety of essential cookware pieces including: our 3.5 gallon Copper Stockpot, Copper Jam Pot, set of 3 Copper Mixing Bowl, Copper Dutch Oven and our customer-favorite Petite French Butter Pot.

The Kingdom Copper Caboodle

Shop Sertodo Copper Cookware Set
Who this Copper Cookware Set is ideal for:
  • Professional chefs who specialize in French cooking
  • Entertainers and hosts who throw huge parties and entertain a huge number of guests regularly

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