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Everything You Need To Know About Copper Water Pitchers

Copper water pitchers have been used for centuries to provide people with clean drinking water. The copper in the pitcher filters out impurities from tap water and provides a crisp, refreshing taste.

In this post, we will discuss how to care for copper water pitchers and why you should use one in your home. We'll also tell you how to choose a copper water pitcher that is right for you!

An Introduction To Copper Water Pitchers

Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher and its health benefits

Copper water pitchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your personal needs. The most common copper pitcher is made out of copper with copper handles, or with stainless steel handles such as our Gangotri Water Pitcher.

The historical use of copper as water pitchers is due to copper's natural antimicrobial properties. Copper does not leach into the water which is safe for drinking and has been certified as lead-free by NSF International. The copper itself will not leach into your drinking water because it's a metal with an extremely low solubility in water.

The copper in a copper pitcher filters out impurities from tap water, but also provides an appealing taste because of its sweet flavor profile that is unlike any other metal. Modern scientists have long discovered the oligodynamic effects of copper on copper, which is perfect for purifying water.

Some studies have shown copper to be effective in the treatment of arthritis, skin conditions and respiratory illnesses as well. Copper has also been proven to reduce or prevent high blood pressure!

The copper also does not corrode due to its high surface hardness and the lack of water contact with copper surfaces, which eliminates any worries about copper leaching into your drinking water! The traditional use for a copper pitcher is for pure drinking purposes but they can also be used as an attractive vessel or decorative pieces on your tabletops. 


Why use copper as a water pitcher?

You might be wondering: why use copper as a water pitcher?

The history of using copper as a water vessel has been traced back to ancient Egypt and Rome. Copper water pitchers are still used today because copper is a naturally antimicrobial metal that does not leach into the drinking water, which makes copper an excellent choice for those with lead in their plumbing or other sources of exposure.

Additionally, copper's ability to filter out impurities from tap water has been well -documented. Less copper in your water means a copper pitcher is an excellent way to reduce the amount of copper you ingest from tap water and other sources! If you drink two glasses of untreated water, it's equivalent to drinking one glass of copper-filtered water.

How do you use a copper water pitcher?

Drinking water from a copper water pitcher on the daily yields long term health benefits.

So, how do you use a copper water pitcher in order to reap the most benefit from it?

Once you received your copper water pitcher, it is important to thoroughly rinse it with cold water and then fill the copper pitcher with fresh, clear drinking water.

You can add slices of lemon into your copper pitcher if you want to reduce stress levels or drink grapefruit juice for a quick energy boost! It is also beneficial to change out the copper-filtered tap water every so often as well.

As mentioned earlier, copper water pitcher is an effective way to filter tap water; copper content does not leach into drinking water because it's a metal with low solubility that does not corrode due to lack of water contact.

It is important that you only fill your copper pitcher with distilled or filtered drinking water as copper has an adverse reaction when it comes into contact with hard, alkaline tap water and will cause a black sludge at the bottom of the copper container!

Besides that, you can store tap water in your copper water pitcher overnight , which will not only provide you with a copper-rich drinking water the next day, but also extend its life span to keep it from corroding.

Copper pitchers are an optimal vessel for storing iced drinks as well! They can be placed in your freezer and filled with any refreshing beverage like lemonade or ice tea.

Choosing A Copper Water Pitcher For Your Needs

Copper water pitcher as a decor accent or water jug

Photo credits: @maisondemings

The copper water pitcher you choose should be compatible with your needs. If you're looking for a copper water pitcher purely to drink from rather than as an attractive piece on your tabletops, choose one that is of pure, solid copper construction.

Apart from that, a good quality copper water pitcher should also have copper plating on copper. This will ensure that the copper is not only an effective filter but also looks attractive.

Lastly, a good quality copper water pitcher should be easy to clean and large enough that it can hold plenty of water without spilling when lifting. You will also want one with a leakproof lid and strong handle for ease of use. The stainless steel handle riveted to our Gangotri Copper Water Pitcher gives you that durability that provides you decades worth of usage as a daily water vessel. 

If you're looking for a copper water pitcher to be used around the home as a beautiful piece of art, you'll want to choose our Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher is a great choice. 

How To Care For Your Copper Water Pitcher

Bisotun Copper Pitcher perfect as a centerpiece or water jug.

If you use our Gangotri Pitcher or Bisotun Water Pitcher on a daily basis and want to keep it in good shape, it is important that you hand wash it regularly with a soft sponge, warm water and gentle soap. Do not scrub your copper water pitcher with sharp objects or abrasive cloths.

Over time, there will be a patina that develops on your copper water pitcher. If you would like to keep your copper water pitcher shiny and looking brand new, polish it with copper polish from time to time. Use a soft dishcloth or paper towel to wipe your copper water pitcher dry.

Lastly, copper water pitcher should be stored away from sunlight and heat sources as copper will react with oxidizing agents like oxygen and light which can cause it to corrode. It is best to store copper water pitchers in a dry place that has enough airflow to prevent any moisture from accumulating on the copper surface.

Final Takeaway About Copper Water Pitcher

As you can see, using a copper water pitcher in your home is a great way to filter your drinking water while also yielding plenty of health benefits for you.

From keeping your daily cup of joe free of microbes and bacteria to storing water overnight for a copper-rich drink in the morning, copper is an effective and attractive way to filter tap water! 

What are you waiting for? Shop our Copper Water Pitchers right here for safer, tastier drinking water for you and your whole family.