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Baking With Sertodo Copper Cookware

Have you ever done any baking using copper cookware? Copper reacts with raw eggs, which is the raw material in any pastry or baked goods with a culinary bonus most are not aware of. Baking with copper cookware also yields plenty of health benefits. Read on to discover what they are.

Why Copperware Is Great For Baking

When you whisk egg whites in a copper bowl, some of the copper ions detach from the bowl and bond with a protein in the egg whites called conalbumin.

This forms a strong, stable conalbumin-copper complex that delays any tendency in the expanding egg foam to deflate. Whisking mixes air with the egg, creating bubbles that expand the volume of the liquid up to eight times, as the egg protein uncoils and stretches. The more the protein stretches, the stiffer the beaten egg foam -- up to stiff, peaky points.

So, if you're looking to switch over to using copperware for your baking needs, be sure to consider some of Sertodo's newest copper cookware you should add to your kitchen ASAP.

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Health Benefits Of Baking With Copper Cookware

Apart from achieving perfectly lush peaks of egg whites perfect for making macarons and meringue, there are plenty other health benefits of baking or cooking with copper cookware.

Copper cookware lovers who are health-conscious know that copper is a great choice for their culinary endeavors. Not only is copper naturally hygienic, with minimal processing during production, but it also possesses antibacterial qualities that keep food free from harmful microorganisms.

Copper is much more than a clean material, however; it's an essential trace mineral with countless health benefits. When you boil water or cook food in copper cookware, your meals can even become infused, ever so slightly, with this vital mineral - giving you an extra dose of nutritious goodness.

Best Sertodo Copper Goods For Your Baking Needs

1.Copper Mixing Bowl, 6 quart, for Kitchen Aid Professional Mixers

One of our newest addition to our cookware range, our Copper Mixing Bowl for KitchenAid Professional Mixers is truly one of a kind.

Handmade from 100% pure copper and solid construction, our Copper Mixing Bowl boasts the stiffest peaks and fluffiest merengues when whipping eggs.

Whenever you need to serve up holiday treats, party meringues or just because you enjoy a delicious home cooked dessert during the weekends, our Copper Mixing Bowl is sure to become your next pride and joy.

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2. Permian Copper Jam Pans

Health benefits of baking with copper cookware

Our new Permian Copper Jam Pans is THE go to pan when it comes to making your jams and polenta. If you're familiar with our Permian copper basins, these brand new jam pans are the smaller versions of them, as well as newly updated handles!

These traditional copper cooking pots are used throughout the world for making jam, polenta, caramel, confections, atole, confit or deep frying. You can use this heavy-gauge cookware on your home stovetop with ease, as our ergonomic handles are shaped for your comfort!

Available in 3 sizes, including 4 quart, 2.25 quart and 1 quart. Made for your specialized cooking needs, this incredibly durable and functional copper cookware piece will definitely last you for years to come.

Shop our Permian Copper Jam Pans and start baking just in time for Easter.

3. Copper Sauce Pot

Copper Sauce Pot Health Benefits Of Baking With Copper Cookware

Lastly, our heavy gauge, hammered Copper Sauce Pot is another piece of copper cookware you need to add to your baking utensils! 

Whether it is melting chocolate, creating savory sauces for quiches or making homemade candy, our 2.5 quart Copper Sauce Pot is at your service. 

With hot tinned interior, traditional and natural non-stick surfaces for you to choose from, our Copper Sauce Pot also has our famous patented handle that reduces weight, stays cooler while cooking and an ergonomic design for a comfortable grasp. 

If saucing is something your family loves, our Copper Sauce Pan is a timeless, heirloom quality pot you will be proud to give your next generation.

So, be sure to grab your very own Copper Sauce Pan right here and have fun baking at home!

Health benefits of baking with copper cookware


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