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4 Surprising Benefits Of Investing In Our Copper Water Filtration System

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that having safe, clean drinking water is crucial to any household. This article even highlighted the astonishing fact that forever chemicals(PFAs) are prevalent in most household's tap water. 

Over the past two years, most families have also grown become more vigilant when it comes to their health and well-being.

On top of that, the rising cost of living as well as the increase in water costs and wastewater bills also means that having a water filtration system is a smart long-term investment.

This is because having a complete water filter system such as Sertodo's gives you clean and healthy drinking water for your whole family, without you spending more money on disposable drinking water bottles. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the surprising long-term and short-term benefits of having a copper water filtration system at home. Whether it is for you and your family's health, wallet or energy, Sertodo's Copper Water Filter System is bound to bring you lots of benefits!

No time to read this whole article? Watch a quick video by Sertodo Copper founder, Jonathan Beall here for a quick view of our Copper Water Filter System.


Surprising Benefits Of Having A Copper Water Filtration System At Home

If you think our Copper Water Filtration System will only benefit your health, think again!

Made from 100% recycled copper from top to bottom, our water filter system is truly one of a kind. Not only will you reap the benefits of having clean and save drinking water because of our high quality Ceramatrix gravity filter, the copper body of our Water Filter System also helps you eliminate harmful bacterias and viruses at the same time! 

Below are some surprising benefits of having a copper water filtration system installed at your home:

1. Saves you money(and space) in the long run

Installing a Copper Water Filter System is a wise investment for your home. 

Having a Copper Water Filtration System is highly effective in filtering and cleaning tap water while imparting the health benefits of copper water, which includes aiding in digestion, removing harmful bacteria, and improving immunity.

Secondly, the long-term cost-effectiveness of the Copper Water Filter System is a major advantage, as it eliminates the need for households to purchase excessive amounts of plastic bottled water, thereby reducing expenses and minimizing your  carbon footprint.

Additionally, the system minimizes water wastage by efficiently filtering water to a high standard, resulting in significant savings over time. 

If you have limited countertop space, our water filter system is also a great countertop solution for small kitchens!

Sertodo Copper Water Filtration System

In light of these benefits, it is highly recommended that households consider implementing a Copper Water Filter System for a healthier, cost-efficient, and sustainable water consumption experience.

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2. Protects you from municipal drinking water failures, pollution, and viruses

Municipal drinking water supplies can sometimes fail, and the water may become contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses. This recent article shows that most US cities are struggling to supply safe drinking water, and it is only continuing to get worse. 

In such situations, having a copper water filtration system can help protect you and your family from getting sick.

Copper is known to have properties that help in killing harmful bacteria and viruses, which makes it an effective solution for treating contaminated water. Additionally, copper water filtration systems can help in reducing the levels of other contaminants such as chlorine, which is used to disinfect municipal drinking water supplies.

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3. Drinking copper water on a daily basis has many long-term health benefits

Copper is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Due to its oligodynamic effects on bacteria and viruses, copper has the unique advantage of rendering your unfiltered tap water safe. Copper's ability to remove microbes from contaminated water is only one of its amazing benefits. 

In fact, copper is a crucial mineral required for the proper functioning of various organs and systems in the body, such as the immune system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

Copper Water Filtration System Benefits

Drinking copper water on a daily basis can help you reap the benefits of this mineral. Some of the health benefits of drinking copper water are:

  • Boosts immunity: Copper has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting off bacteria and viruses. Drinking copper water on a regular basis can boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. Read this article to learn how drinking copper-infused water daily instead of regular tap water boosted founder Jonathan Beall's immunity against the common cold and flu.

  • Aids in weight loss: Copper has been found to regulate the thyroid gland, which plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight. Drinking copper water can aid in weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate, which helps in burning fat.

  • Improves digestion: Drinking copper water regularly helps in improving digestion and relieving digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, and indigestion. 

  • Promotes healthy skin: Copper is known to have anti-aging properties that help in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Drinking copper water can help in promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin.

4. Better for the earth: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Our handmade Copper Water Filter System is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional water filtration methods that rely on plastic bottles, which take up to 450 years to decompose in landfills.

Having a Copper Water Filtration System at home can significantly reduce household plastic waste and, in turn, conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve the environment. Your family will be reaping a myriad of benefits with the investment of our Copper Water Filter System, that will continue to have knock-on benefits to planet earth.

Sertodo's Copper Water Filter System also lets you tap into the benefits of drinking copper-infused water everyday, which not only enhances the taste but also provides numerous health benefits, such as improving digestion and immunity. Not only will your daily drinking water taste better, having our Copper Water Filter System in your kitchen or living room also encourages the habit of drinking water. 

In short, our Copper Water Filtration System does not just benefit you and your family's health in the long run. If more households invest in our water filter system, United States will continue to reap the various benefits in the years to come. We will start to enjoy safer, cleaner drinking water, while having a more sustainable planet. 

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