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Best Copper Cookware For The Specialty Cook

Our hand hammered Copper Cookware is known for its ability to provide even heat distribution, making it a popular choice for professional chefs and home cooks alike.

If you're a specialty cook who loves making jams, meringues, and other delicate desserts, we at Sertodo Copper offer a range of high-quality copper cookware that is worth considering.

All of our copper cookware is made from 100% recycled copper, which not only makes it environmentally friendly but also ensures that it's of the highest quality. Over the years, our cookware collection has expanded to include a variety of pots, pans and skillets designed to meet the specific needs of different cooking styles and techniques.

For the specialty cook who loves making jams and meringues, these hand hammered copper cookware are not only great for presentation, their superior performance also gives you consistent cooking results worth boasting every single time! 

The Best Specialty Copper Cookware For The Specialty Cook 

1. Permian Copper Jam Pan: Specialty Jams, Carnitas, Polentas

Our hand hammered Permian Copper Jam Pan is a must-have for any specialty cook who loves making jams and preserves.

Permian Copper Jam Pans

Specifically designed for making jams, our Permian Copper Jam Pan has a wide, shallow shape and curved edges that allow for easy stirring and reduce the risk of burning. The pan is made from 100% recycled copper, which provides excellent heat distribution, allowing for even cooking and consistent results. That is why our Copper Jam Pan is the best cookware for making delicious, smooth fruit jams and jellies. 

Our Copper Jam Pan is available in a range of sizes, from 2 quarts to 10 quarts, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The pan also features a long, sturdy handle that stays cool to the touch, making it easy to handle even when the pan is hot.

So, if you're looking for the best gift for a specialty cook who loves making jam, be sure to customize our Copper Jam Pan and gift it for a special occasion!

2. Copper Mixing Bowl: Meringue, French Macarons

For specialty cooks who love making delicate desserts, the Sertodo Copper Egg White Bowl is an absolute game-changer. Specifically designed for whisking egg whites to perfection, our handmade Copper Mixing Bowlwith its wide, shallow shape and rounded bottom allows maximum aeration.

Whisking egg whites in copper mixing bowl for consistency

French macarons are delightful desserts that require specialty baking skills, especially when it comes to whisking egg whites. A poorly prepared meringue will cause macaron shells to crumble or become flaky, that is why a good egg white is crucial when it comes to making macaron.

If you are a beginner in making these specialty desserts, why not equip yourself with our specialty copper cookware?

You can achieve soft peaks of egg whites every single time with our Copper Mixing Bowls

Whether you are hand whisking your egg whites, or letting our Copper Mixing Bowls For KitchenAid Mixerdo all the work, you will enjoy consistency with your desserts that require egg whites such as Soufflés and Macaroons. 

3. Copper Saucepans: Making sweet and savory sauces

Our beloved Copper Saucepans are known for creating the smoothest sauces in half the time as other pans while holding and distributing heat evenly. Use it make your favorite Hollandaise, Alfredo sauce, gravy, condiments or side dishes, our Copper Saucepans are truly the best pans for specialty cooks!

Making specialty sauces with Copper Saucepans


The 1.5 quart or 2.5 quart capacity also makes our Copper Sauce Pots perfect for making small servings of sauces whenever needed for specialty dishes. The uniform heating you get from our hand hammered Copper Saucepans makes creating sauces of any flavor extra effortless.

Here's what our customers have to say about our Copper Saucepans:


Copper Saucepans Review
Customer review of Copper Saucepans

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, if you're a specialty cook who loves making jams, meringues, sauces and other delicacies, it is definitely worth your while investing in our copper cookware.

We are proud of the unparalleled craftsmanship of our handmade copper cookware, as they will last you and your family for generations to come! Not only are our specialty copper cookware heirloom-quality, the fact that they are 100% solidly constructed from copper means you will reap all the benefits of copper as a great material for cooking anything in the kitchen.