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4 Benefits Of Hammered Copper Kitchen Composting Bins

Want to ditch singe use plastic and switch to a much more sustainable solution for your food scraps and household waste? We are excited to share our new Copper Kitchen Composting Bins - the elegant zero waste solution for your home that will reduce your carbon footprint, while helping you compost responsibly!

If you also have a garden or vegetable patch in your backyard, our brand new Copper Kitchen Composting Canisters is also a great way to help you get rid of organic waste, while giving you the fertilizer your plants, flowers, trees and lawns need. 

How Do Copper Composting Bins Work?

So, how does composting work? And why have a kitchen composter, instead of one in your backyard?

Copper composting with Sertodo is not only effortless, it's also a stylish way to make use of your kitchen scraps while creating a zero waste household. 

To start using our Copper Kitchen Composting Bins, all you have to do is add your food scraps into them instead of throwing them away as garbage. Kitchen scraps such as corn husks, vegetable and fruit peels, and even animal bones can be added to your compost. 

Copper composting kitchen canisters indoor composting

Photo credits: maisondemings.com

Our hand hammered Copper Kitchen Compost Bins work by providing bacterias an ideal environment to grow, and thus speeding up the process of composting. As composting is a natural process of decomposition by microorganisms and invertebrates, the seal-tight lid on our Copper Composting Bins aid with that process.

On top of that, our indoor composting canisters are also odorless, as well as gorgeous looking kitchen accessories. They are also attractive additions to your Farmhouse kitchen, while you create a much more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen!

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Benefits Of Having A Copper Kitchen Composter In Your Home

Unlike regular compost bins that are made from either plastic or metal, our Copper Kitchen Composting Bins are stylish, compact and made from 100% recycled copper. 

Before we dive into the features of our Composting Canisters, here are some compelling benefits of owning one of them in your kitchen.

Copper Composting Canisters

1. Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Compost is decomposed organic materials that include leaves, kitchen scraps from plants such as fruit and vegetable trimmings and other organic materials such as coffee grounds, egg shells and tea leaves. 

On top of that, composting is also a great way to recycle yard waste or leaves from your lawn. Instead of paying someone to remove them, you can return the nutrients to your garden by composting the leaves.

It is an effective recycling method that helps you simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint, while benefiting the plants, flowers, shrubs and especially vegetables and fruits you will then consume. 

There are many different types of compost bins available for purchase, but the most popular are made from either plastic or metal. A copper kitchen compost bin is an attractive option because it will look good in your kitchen, but also has some other benefits that other types of bins don't have.

2. Copper has antibacterial qualities

Copper has natural antibacterial qualities and has been used for composting and drinking water for millennia. 

As composting is a natural process of decomposition of organic materials by microorganisms and invertebrates, using copper as the material for your composting bin makes it easy to clean between compost dumps.

Copper antibacterial properties

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3. Creates healthy soil for your garden or plants

As the process of composting requires organic materials, oxygen and water, the bacteria already present in your food scraps will decompose the materials and release heat. 

When you dump them on your compost pile, the scraps turn them into rich soil that you can use in your garden, which will make it healthier.

4. Space saving & easy to clean

A copper kitchen compost bin has a number of benefits that make it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Compact Copper Kitchen Compost Canisters

It is easy to clean, which means you don't have to spend hours scrubbing at the smelly mess that you've created in order to clean it up. 

Our Copper Kitchen Composting Canisters also don't take up much space, so if you are running out of storage space in the kitchen then this might be a good option for you. 

Why Get A Copper Kitchen Compost Canister

Unlike most composting pails or bins out in the market, our compact Copper Kitchen Compost Canisters are space-saving and feature an air-tight lid. The air tight seal keeps bad odors from composting at bay, while aiding in the process of composting.

As bacterias already present in the food scraps release heat while breaking them down, the improved design of our Copper Kitchen Composting Canister speeds up the process of composting.

Lastly, as copper is an inherently clean metal, food scraps do not get stuck on our Composting Canisters. This makes it convenient and easy for you to clean between compost dumps, which makes the whole process of composting a breeze, instead of a chore.

The ease of use and the beautiful appearance of our Copper Composting Canisters will definitely help you start and keep the habit of composting, which will in turn help you maintain a much more sustainable kitchen and zero waste home.