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Niagara Water Filtration Vessel

By popular demand, you can now turn your Niagara water dispenser into a water filtration system* with this upper unit specifically made to fit safely and securely on the curved mouth of the Niagara water dispenser.    

For anyone who is conscientious about their drinking water.  Ensure and protect the quality of the drinking water in your Sertodo Niagara dispenser.  This filter system is designed to bring you the highest quality drinking water in any setting, off grid living, failed municipal water systems, boil water notices, greatly improving your tap water, and simply for the pleasure of clean, delicious water.

*Filters sold separately

*Site Tube Spigot sold separately

The key features and specifications of the Water Filtration Vessel are as follows:

Sertodo Copper Water Filtration Vessel

  • Capacity: 2-gallon purification tank capacity
  • Overall Size: The vessel is 11 inches tall with a 10 inch opening.  The combined size of the vessel placed on top of your Niagara Water dispenser is 21 inches tall by 10 inches in diameter.
  • Universal Filter Compatibility: Fits gravity filters of 2" diameter from any manufacturer.  We recommend Aquacera's Cerametix GF, advanced Ceramic/Carbon gravity feed filters, sold separately
  • Filtration Capabilities: Filters out forever chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, fluorides, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, lead, and much more.  See filters for spec sheet.
  • Construction: 100% solid copper body.
  • Health Benefits: Includes the Oligodynamic effect of copper, enhancing the water quality
  • Dimensions: 9.5" diameter opening, 7" diameter base with convex rim to sit securely on top of water dispenser.

This combination of the Niagara Water Dispenser and the Water Filtration Container offers both aesthetic beauty and functional utility, providing high-quality purified drinking water. It represents a melding of traditional knowledge about the health benefits of copper with modern filtration technology. The system is designed to ensure reliable access to clean, safe drinking water while also serving as an elegant addition to any home.

Integrating the Sertodo Copper Niagara Water Filtration Container with the Niagara Water Dispenser offers several lifestyle enhancements that go beyond providing excellent drinking water. These enhancements contribute to a healthier, more sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing living environment:

  1. Health Benefits: The use of copper in water storage is an ancient practice with known health benefits. Copper is believed to have antimicrobial properties and may help in the reduction of harmful pathogens. Drinking water from a copper container, as per Ayurvedic traditions, is thought to balance the energies of the body. The filtration system further removes contaminants like bacteria, chlorine, fluorides, and lead, ensuring that the water you drink is not only clean but also beneficial for your health.

  2. Environmental Sustainability: The dispenser and filtration container are made from heavy gauge, pure copper derived from 100% recycled sources. By choosing this system, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting the use of sustainable materials. Also, using a refillable water system cuts down on the plastic waste associated with bottled water.

  3. Elegant Design and Aesthetics: The combination of the Niagara Water Dispenser and the Filtration Container adds an element of timeless elegance to your home. The sleek design and the warm glow of copper make it a conversation piece, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or dining area.

  4. Convenience and Reliability: With a total capacity of 4 gallons and the ability to hold up to four filters, this system ensures a consistent supply of clean water. It's especially beneficial in areas where water quality might be inconsistent or in emergency situations where municipal water systems fail.

  5. Enhanced Taste: Many users report that water stored in copper vessels has a pleasantly distinct taste. Combined with the high-quality filtration, the water from this system not only tastes better but is also healthier.

  6. Educational Value: Owning such a system can be a great way to educate family and friends about sustainable living practices, the benefits of copper in health, and the importance of water purification.

By incorporating this water system into your home, you're not just making a lifestyle choice, but also embracing a piece of ancient wisdom blended with modern technology, all while contributing positively to the environment and your well-being.