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Copper Skillets


We are working on these now and will have this product ready to ship in the next few weeks. We make the goods ourselves and we appreciate your understanding and patience. Placing your order now puts you at the top of the list to recieve this product when it's back in stock.

Sertodo Copper Skillet:

Unique, Hand Hammered, 100% Recycled Copper Skillet, made by our artisans since 1997. 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Our handles put these pans in a class all their own: heat resistant, ergonomic and light weight to give you more control and comfort. The handles also function as spoon and lid rests.

  • Hand Hammering 'work hardens' the copper
  • Heirloom quality - 'Buy it once and pass it down'
  • Pure Tin lining traditionally hot-tinned for thickness and Superior Performance
  • 8 and 10 inch diameter pans available
  • Heavy gauge (2mm) solid copper pan
  • Hot tinned interior, a traditional and natural non-stick surface
  • Patented handles reduce weight, stay cooler, with ergonomic grasp
  • Lids from our Stock pots and Saute pan will fit
  • Available in our high Polished Finish, or the Peacock Patina (no polish finish)
  • 100% recycled copper  

    Copper is the best performing material for cooking in the kitchen. The superb conductive properties of heavy gauge copper cookware: ensures even heat throughout the pan (avoid hot spots), excellent temperature control, very little preheating.

    Copper cookware (unless it is for specialty cooking such as jams, caramel, confit, confectionary) is always lined due to copper's catalyzed reaction with heat and acidity.

    You don't want your spaghetti marinara tasting like you are chewing on copper wires. Tin is the best performing lining for copper cookware, used for centuries and has thermal properties much like the copper, so you don't lose any of the conductive benefits of cooking with copper. It is completely inert, non toxic and as well as being a relatively non stick material. The tin will season, similar to cast iron.

    In addition to these universal characteristics of copper cookware, the hammered finish we do work hardens the material to make for a more durable finish.

    The old world hammered copper cookware that has been set aside for more modern forms of mass production is prized by European chefs for many reasons, such as the slightly variations in the surface texture of the pan created by the hammering provides for a better 'release' of the food as well as the oxygenation in the cooking process, which brings out the flavors being cooked.

    Our patented modern handle design and the tried and true performance of classic hammered copper cookware, both combine to make for cookware that is unequalled in quality, function and design.

    Our patinaed copper cookware is unique to culinary world and a no polish finish. It will continue to develop its own unique characteristics of tone and shade with use and time. The patina brings out the inherent beautiful colors of well used and well loved copper and completely removes you from any need to polish the cookware.

    Can you imagine the taste of your food after cooking with one of our copper skillets?
    Don’t wait, add one of these beautifully crafted pieces to your collection today!

    100% Lifetime Guarantee the Workmanship of Everything We Make
    Austin and Mexico
    Since 1997