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The Copper Pot Care Routine Every Home Chef Should Know

Want your copper pots looking shiny and polished just as new? In this guide, we cover the basics of cleaning and caring for your beloved Copper Pots, as well as tips on how to polish them regularly for the best shine. Keeping your copper pots in mint condition is easier than you think!

However, the best way to maintain that beautiful shine on your polished finish Copper Pots is to follow a simple yet effective Copper Pot care routine. This ensure thats you protect the integrity of the hammered finish on your Copper Pot, as well as keeping its gorgeous shine for many years to come.

How To Clean And Care For Your Brand New Hammered Copper Pots

If you have just purchased your Copper Pot such as our Copper Jam Pots and Copper Stock Pots, maintaining its shine is easy. Although all of our hand hammered copper cookware are heirloom quality, having a bit more knowledge about keeping its original shine does go a long way to keep it looking as beautiful as day one. 

However, if you really appreciate the unique aesthetic of patina forming on your Copper Pots, you can still clean and care for them as suggested below without polishing them regularly.

How to clean and care for copper pots

Photo Credit: @chrislovesjulia on Instagram

Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to cleaning and caring for your handmade Copper Pots:

  • Always hand wash your Copper Pot or Copper Pans after cooking. Use a soft sponge, warm water and soap to clean the tin lined interior. 
  • If you have some food residue on the tin lined surface of your Copper Pot, fill it up with some soapy warm water. Due to tin's natural non-stick surface, any remaining food will likely get rinsed off easily. 
  • Avoid scouring your Copper Pots with steel wool or scouring pads.
  • Use wooden or silicon utensilswhen cooking in your hammered Copper Pot.
  • After cleaning, pat dry your hammered Copper Pot with a clean cloth. Leaving water on copper will lead to water spots forming on your Copper Pots, which will largely reduce the original beautiful shine on your copper cookware
  • Store your Copper Pots in a dry and cool place. Oxidation occurs when copper is placed in a humid environment, so it's essential that you store your copper pots correctly. Hanging them dry is another great option if you like how copper adds character to your kitchen. 

The Copper Pot Care Routine Every Home Chef Should Know

Now that you know the importance of drying and cleaning your handmade Copper Pots properly, it's time to learn more about the essential copper pot care routine professional chefs follow.

If you are looking for the best tips to keep patina at bay, here is the simple yet practical Copper Pot care routine you should follow after every single use!

  • Follow all the tips above when it comes to cleaning and caring for your beloved Sertodo copper cookware or Copper Pots
  • Always pat dry your hand hammered Copper Pots thoroughly before storing them away
  • If you notice spots that need polishing, follow the steps in the video below. It's recommended that you do this every six months to maintain the shiny exterior of your beautiful Copper Pots.

Watch the video below to learn step-by-step how to easily clean your copper cookware or copper pots after using them.

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