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7 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Copper

Want to update your home decor with some grandeur and luxury while stuck indoors most of the time? The good news is, with our affordable and gorgeous copper pieces, there are 7 easy ways to decorate your home with copper!

Whether it is your kitchen, living room or backyard, you can easily spruce up your home with our shiny copper pieces with these inspired examples.

1. Add a little glamor with our Copper Mixing Bowls

Have a dull living room that needs a centerpiece that is decorative and functional? You can't go wrong with our Mixing Bowls! The best part is, our Mixing Bowls are also great for holding your pretzels, popcorns and snacks while you enjoy movie nights in your living room.

If you would like your Mixing Bowls to add some interest to your mantelpiece or backyard, consider adding them to neutral colored cabinets or shelves to allow the unique copper color to pop.

Check these lovely ideas below and get creative!

Photo credits to Maison De Mings

2. Grace your dining room table/patio with our Copper Water Pitchers

If you have a French Farmhouse or vintage kitchen, simply add our Copper Water Pitchers to your dining room tables to add some sophisticated charm. You could also consider using our Frutera Bowl to compliment the hand hammered copper water pitchers to complete the look.

Photo credits to Maison De Mings

3. Hang our copper goods on your walls

If you use your beloved Copper Mixing Bowls everyday, it serves to hang them up on your kitchen walls as both decorative accents as well as drying them effectively for long-term maintenance of its original shine.

Photo credits to Deb and Danielle

 4. Line your kitchen counter with our copper canisters

Treat your kitchen counter with some love by adding these gorgeous kitchen canisters

You'll be organizing your pantry in the most elegant way possible, while ensuring the copper glow you love so much reaches every single corner of your kitchen. Shop our hand hammered copper kitchen canisters here to get started. 

Photo credits to @TheMustardSeed205

5. Let your copper pieces shine in an entire closet or pantry

 Want your copper goods to take center stage at home? Why not display them all in an entire closet! If you're already an avid collector of copper pieces, these ideas courtesy of blogger Maison de Mings will definitely make you swoon...

Photo credits to Maison De Mings

 6. Hydrate while adding effortless luxury with our Niagara Water Dispenser

Keep your immune system strong and stay hydrated during these times with our Niagara Water Dispenser while adding unparalleled class and luxury to your kitchen! 

A gorgeous centerpiece to your living room, dining room and even your bedroom, our hand hammered water dispenser yields plenty of health benefits detailed in this post. Read more about the health benefits of drinking water from copper vessels right here.

Photo credits to thehawkins.onthehill

7. Decorate your living spaces for elevated inspiration

If you already embrace a sustainable approach to everyday living, our copper platters and trays have a complimentary aesthetic to your minimalist home decor style. 

Simply use our Bisotun Water Pitcher to hold flowers, add our Half Moon Platter Set to your shelves and instantly transform your home decor from mediocre to stunning!

Photo credits to Maison De Mings

Photo credits to juliesprettiesandpost