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4 surprising benefits of cooking with copper pots at home

Cooking in copper pots at home does more than elevating your presentation game. If you still haven't invested in our handmade copper cookware yet, you might not be aware of the surprising benefits of cooking with copper pots!

Not only do professional French chefs cook with copper pots, they are also prized in the home kitchen for their long-lasting, superior performance.

Want to know more about the benefits of cooking in copper pots at home? Read on to find out.

Why do professional chefs use copper pans?

First things first, have you ever wondered why professional chefs swear by copper pots and copper cookware? 

Copper's advantage as a cookware lies in its superior heat conducting, which results in even heat distribution. When it comes to searing steak, frying or sautéing seafood, this makes copper pans and copper pots a high performance cookware. This is because when heat is distributed evenly on copper pans, food is less likely to become burnt or stick to the pan. 

On top of that, copper pans heat up quickly, which is something that professional chefs appreciate. Besides, in most fine-dining restaurants, these professional chefs are expected to dish up delicate dishes that include delicate protein and sauces prone to breaking. 

Even serious home cooks and gourmet cuisine enthusiasts praise copper cookware for its ability to make savory sauces and sweet sauces such as caramel better than other material. In fact, our Copper Saucepans and Copper Jam Pans are highly recommended by our customers for this reason!

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What are the 4 benefits of cooking in copper pots at home?

Cooking in copper pots yields benefits beyond good tasting food. Here are 4 surprising benefits of cooking in copper pots at home you don't know about:

1. Copper is antimicrobial

Copper's antimicrobial properties has long since been known and practiced by the Ayurveda. Storing water in copper vessels kills bacteria and renders drinking water safe. On top of that, the oligodynamic effects of copper also extends to copper cookware!

As copper is a natural sterilizer, it makes cooking food in it safe and delicious at the same time. 

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2. A stunning presentation perfect to elevate your dining experience at home

It's not hard to notice how stunning and gorgeous copper looks on both the stovetop and tabletop!

Copper's stunning presentation does not just mean it's great for holiday entertaining; our beautiful handmade copper cookware also elevates your everyday dining experience at home. 

Might we boldly claim that having copper cookware at home makes the most mundane of dishes exciting. Serve up your cooked dish in our copper pans and pots, add some candlelight and voilà! You're having a fine dining date night at home.

cooking in copper pots benefits

3. Helps with delicate cooking: enjoy fine dining and gourmet dishes at home

Do you enjoy fine dining? Why not bring the restaurant home and create a gourmet dining experience instead! Not only can you improve your cooking skills, bond with your partner or family members, you will also save a lot of money in the process.

As mentioned earlier, most fine dining dishes that involve delicate protein such as Beef Wellington, Seafood Paella and Baked Sea Bass require a high quality pan such as our Copper Skillet

Sometimes, you can even easily elevate your dishes with a delicate sauce that makes all the difference in the world. Simply grab our Copper Saucepans, and make a beautiful Alfredo sauce or gravy, and you'll go from a basic dinner to chef's kiss in minutes!

Alfredo sauce in Copper Sauce Pots
Image from our customer who loves making Alfredo sauce in our
Copper Saucepans

4. Even cooking performance of copper pots makes cooking more enjoyable: eat at home more often

Last but not least, the even cooking performance of our copper pots make cooking even the simplest thing such as potatoes extra enjoyable.

If you would like to eat and cook at home more often, invest in one of our handmade Copper Skillets, Copper Sauté Pan or Copper Sauce Pot and you'll never go wrong!

Elevate your dining experience by cooking in copper pots

Final Takeaway: Benefits Of Cooking In Copper Pots

Incorporating copper cookware into your kitchen arsenal not only bestows the advantage of its inherent antimicrobial properties, but also adds a touch of sophistication that elevates your home dining experience. Its finesse in handling delicate cooking processes empowers you to craft exquisite dishes right in your own kitchen.

The exceptional cooking performance of copper not only enhances the taste and texture of your creations but also brings joy to the cooking process, fostering a greater inclination to savor your meals at home more frequently.