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Sertodo Valentine's Day Deluxe Bundle

 Valentine's Day "Deluxe Date" Bundle:

Sertodo's Deluxe Date Bundle for Valentine's Day is a recipe for a legacy of love stories. 

Do something different this time.... 

Grab all the fixens for a great story:

Our Boot Flask: A perfect prop for your story. Conversation starter, label maker, the type of thing your mamma warned you about, and a tall drink of water, ta boot. ;)

Gunslinger Mini Mule Copper Sippy Cup: You remember that scene in Tombstone, a cheeky Doc Holiday scorns a fellow gunslinger, with nothing more than a gunslinger sippy cup? Well, now you can feel just like that too...

Copper Chequer trayOur ancestors understood trays, as a place of elevation, a launching pad, stilts above the fray... Get a tray. 

But you aren't done. 

Make Your Mark: Engrave her name on the flask or the tray. Engrave your favorite song name, the vanity license plate for the bug you both made out in when you were freshman, engrave the date you met, your hotel room #, the secret of the universe... Be brave. 

The engraving, that's on us... And we are giving you a discount on top of that, just to see what you can do!

Engraving on the platter or flask: Normally +12

Boot Flask:
Sleek, stylish, discrete and durable.  Heavy gauge, hand-crafted, made to last for generations.

Chequer Tray:
Solid, functional little copper tray.  Vanity or Valet.  Keys or Cocktails. Cards or the Check  

Gunslinger Copper Shot Cups:
This here Copper Gunslinger is meant for getting sippy with your spirits. Grasp it's tiny handle and sip away, pinky out. Kids and babies love them too.  But if it's filled with booze, we don't condone sharing it with them. But we certainly could engrave it with your favorite baby's birth date and they can teeth on it to their hearts content after you've finished the booze...