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Sertodo Holiday 2020 Gift Card

Give the gift of copper, and their choice of copper!  

Gift cards are virtual, but we've got something shiny and real you can put under the tree or in their stocking.  For every Gift Card over $100, we'll send out a copper coaster engraved with our 2020 Holiday 'Paloma de Paz', the Dove of Peace

About our 2020 Holiday Engraving:  

Last year we began a Sertodo holiday tradition of creating an engraving to share the holiday spirit.  Someone very dear to me gave me the perfect inspiration for this year, the dove: symbol of peace, sent out from the confinements of Noah’s ark and finding hope beyond the visible horizon.  This year’s engraving is very special to me as I found the perfect dove in a print given to me from my Mother - Picasso’s “Paloma de Paz”, which hangs in the living room of my house.  In its outstretched wings are flowers and again held in it’s beak, while a stem or clutch of grass is grasped in its feet.