Niagara Water Dispenser with Lid

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Niagara Water Dispenser Benefits

When everyone is looking for health advantages over an enemy that we can't see, our copper water dispenser shares the ancient experience of copper's positive impact on human health. 

Copper's molecular structure is such that it releases ions when anything comes into contact with it, water, skin, microbes, etc...  Through this action, copper kills harmful viruses, bacteria and microbes.

The oldest recorded medical use of copper comes from an ancient Egyptian medical text circa 2200 B.C. describing the use of copper to sterilize drinking water and treat wounds for infection.  Ayurvedic medicine, a tradition extending back over four thousand years and continuing today,  prescribes a cup of water stored in a copper vessel first thing every morning to balance the energies of the body. 

The benefits of copper water in Ayurveda are long known... 

Modern science recognizes the integral part copper plays in our body's immune system and stress management. 

 Niagara Water Dispenser Features:

  • Designed to hold 2-5 gallon water jugs, including solid glass containers
  • Copper inherently kills harmful viruses, bacteria and microbes
  • 2 gallon capacity in the dispenser
  • Tig welding to create a completely seamless body that will never separate or leak
  • Top quality stainless steel spigot with inert silicone seals. No leaking and No Plastic!
  • Fits standard water cooler stands
  • Heavy gauge, Pure copper from 100% recycled sources for a healthier Environment
  • Heirloom quality - made to last, made beautifully

 Water Dispenser Care:

 Our Copper Niagara Water Dispenser can be Hand-washed. Dry your copper water dispenser and copper goods with a cotton towel immediately after washing. DO NOT use steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents on any copper goods. Copper will develop a rich patina over time. To keep the exterior looking new, use a copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt.

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  • How do I clean it? Wash it with warm water and a soft sponge. Towel dry completely, to avoid spotting.
  • How do I polish it? Use Copper creme (Wrights' or Pennybright) to bring out the shine!
  • Where are you located? We are in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan.



28 Reviews