Copper Flight Board, a Sertodo and Son of a Sailor collaboration

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The complimentary elements of wood an copper set off this collaboration with our local Austin neighbours and makers, Son of a Sailor. Four hand-forged Sertodo copper shot glasses rest upon a Son of a Sailor solid walnut hand-carved flight board. Perfect for a series of drinks or quick knock-back with friends, this flight board is the ultimate luxury bar gift.

The Copper Flight Board is a part of Son of a Sailor's Supply collection where natural materials join our modern twists. Supply draws from sleek masculine pieces, earthy wood with a pop, and a focus on heritage. Focused around longevity, these pieces are meant to be passed from generation to generation.

length: 9.75 in.
width: 3.5 in.
depth: .875 in.

The Flight Board is made of solid walnut that has been oiled. We do not recommend putting this item in the dishwasher. After washing with soap and water, fully dry for best care.  To keep your wood nourished, your flight board can be oiled regularly with olive oil or butcher block oil. All are made from natural wood and each features unique variations and colorings. 

Wash and dry copper shot glasses immediately to prevent spotting, though some spotting will occur over time from reactions with tap water. Copper will patina with time, which many find appealing, but can be polished to it's original shine.


Look out for more great collaborations with the creative and stylish crew at S O S!

This set can be engraved. Click here to contact us for details.

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