Cocktail Set

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Sertodo Copper Cocktail Set: Two 12 oz Moscow Mule Mugs, Marakan "Boston" Shaker, Jigger, & 16" Rectangular Thessaly Platter.

Sertodo Copper’s international cooperative of master copper artesans based in Austin, Texas and Michoacan, Mexico has a copper tradition extending back 1000 years. Picking up one of their finely crafted pieces invites you into a story of creation and transformation: the solid heft of heavy-gauge recycled copper, the concentrated focus and forge’s heat shining in every hammered facet. Blending modern design and ancient craft, they create unique tabletop and barware goods that last for generations.

This set can be engraved. Click here to contact us for details.

Cocktail Set Reviews

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Showstopper pieces, buy it for life quality

Posted by Mike on May 15th 2019

These pieces are so gorgeous that want to put them out for people to appreciate the shine. The quality is also such that I feel comfortable telling people they are buy it for life!